Make Britain foie-gras free – sign the petition! | Viva!

Read more and sign the petition : Make Britain foie-gras free – sign the petition! | Viva!.

Isn’t it mad that foie-gras production is so cruel that it is essentially banned in Britain, yet nothing controls its importation or sale in this country? That’s why we believe that the Government should ban imports. If you agree please sign the petition and support Viva!’s campaign to make Britain foie-gras free … 

You can’t do better than have the entire front page of the Daily Mirror supporting you – and that’s what we achieved with our brilliant campaign to outlaw foie-gras in Britain. Through massive media coverage we are getting closer to a ban on the importation of this obscene product but we really do need your help to make it happen.

Successive governments have feebly quoted global trade rules as the reason why they can’t stop this disgusting product from being imported – so cruel that in this country it would land any producer in court. It is an abuse of democracy and an indication of weak leadership that producing foie-gras in Britain is illegal yet anyone who chooses to can import and market it. Why do we even bother to have animal welfare laws if they can be so wilfully ignored?

The World Trade Organisation has already reiterated its support for a ban on importing seal products into the EU because of ethical concerns. So, morality can be a valid objection to the world order and foie-gras could and should be treated similarly – and we are determined to see it happen.

A ban cannot come soon enough. Last year we worked with French colleagues to expose the horrendous conditions on farms belonging to French foie-gras producer, Ernest Soulard. We are used to exposing cruelty but what we discovered shocked us deeply.

Read more and sign the petition : Make Britain foie-gras free – sign the petition! | Viva!.


Kangaroo meat at Lidl – weekly promotions

Following yet another cut and pasted reply from Lidl which didn’t answer any queries, I had a quick chat with the lovely people at Viva (   | Continue reading

Disappointing response from Lidl

After my recent email to Lidl regarding their sale of Kangaroo meat, and their lack of genuine concern over the way these animals are hunted and ‘harvested’, I received a very disappointing response this morning whereby they would not even acknowledge the queries I had put forward to them regarding the vague and innacurate statements they have made in previous letters. Continue reading

Lidl – Please STOP selling Kangaroo Meat!!

Here is my response to the last Lidl letter, with huge thanks to Viva for their help in writing it! There are some useful links in it – I will add them to the links section (to the right) too. If you contact Lidl yourself and get a response, I would love to hear from you – likewise if you know of any good resources on the topic of commercial kangaroo harvesting.

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Tell Amazon to stop selling foie-gras (via Viva)

Tell Amazon to dump foie-gras!

Shockingly, one of the world’s largest online retailers is selling a product in Britain that no British supermarket will touch.

Foie-gras is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese so much food that their livers expand by up to ten times its natural size. Amazon do not allow the sale of whale or dolphin meat, so why do they allow third-party sellers to offer foie-gras? Especially, as its production would be illegal in Britain because of animal cruelty. Continue reading