UK: Protect the Children of Yemen from Starvation

Petition via Avaaz

A child in Yemen dies every ten minutes. But Yemen’s kids aren’t just starving to death: they are being starved. Deliberately.

And our government is one of the biggest suppliers of arms to the coalition doing it.

For two years, British-made bombs have been falling from British-made planes as part of a Saudi-led coalition attacking Yemen. The same coalition is blocking aid into the country, where 4 in every 5 people need emergency assistance. Continue reading

Petition : Abandon plans to force women to prove they were raped before they get benefits

From the Parliament UK Website

Abandon plans to force women to prove they were raped before they get benefits

According to George Osborne’s budget, a woman who has a third child as the result of rape must justify her position in order to avoid losing tax credits.

This will mean a woman having to prove she was raped to a government official before she can get benefits.

In addition to the main problem with the policy outline above, the whole plan to restrict child tax credits to 2 children is nothing short of social engineering akin to a Chinese-style “two child policy” dictating to the public what sort of family life they should have.

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