Call on the media to tell Survivor’s Stories with dignity

Campaign from Freedom United

Think about your worst experience. Now think about reliving that experience every single time someone asks you about it. That is what victims of trafficking and survivors like me have to go through every time we tell our stories.” Sophie Otiende, Survivor.

Did you watch Sophie, and other survivors of modern slavery, tell their story in our My Story My Dignity campaign? Since we’ve launched this campaign, we’ve had an outpouring of support from supporters like you who’ve opened their eyes to the experiences survivors’ face when their stories are reported.

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Avaaz – Free Qatar’s modern slaves

Via Avaaz – Free Qatar’s modern slaves.

Forced to work under the desert’s scorching sun, denied food, drinking water, and barred from escaping home, thousands of men in Qatar are modern day slaves. And we can help free them.

Last year, one person died every other day building a billion dollar mega-project for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup. A major part of the project is managed by an American company with a CEO who lives in a quiet part of Colorado. If more than 1 million of us stand together for freedom, we can confront her with our voices every time she leaves her house to go to work, or to ski, until she takes action.

This same tactic pushed Hilton Hotels to protect women against sex trafficking in days — join the urgent call to help free Qatar’s modern slaves.

SLAVE LABOR – APPALLING! Demand Target stop doing business with Uzbekistan!

This should not happening, please sign the petition and let everyone know to sign it too – together we can stop things like this from happening!

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Just days ago, a 6-year-old boy suffocated under a load of cotton during this year’s cotton harvest in Uzbekistan.

Men, women and children forced to pick cotton will continue to suffer threats, injuries, and worse, if this form of modern slavery continues in the Uzbek cotton fields.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Call on Target to stop doing business with companies that support slavery in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan. 


“A young woman died because of cotton. Who is responsible for her death?” – witness to Makhlie’s death1

Makhlie should have been in a classroom days ago when the Uzbek school year began. Instead, she and her classmates were working in the cotton harvest in the fields of Uzbekistan where an accidental brush with a live electrical wire stopped her heart. She was only 16.

Makhlie should never have been in that field picking cotton, but the Uzbek government…

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