Kangaroo meat at Lidl – weekly promotions

Following yet another cut and pasted reply from Lidl which didn’t answer any queries, I had a quick chat with the lovely people at Viva (www.viva.org.uk   |    www.savethekangaroo.com). Continue reading


Disappointing response from Lidl

After my recent email to Lidl regarding their sale of Kangaroo meat, and their lack of genuine concern over the way these animals are hunted and ‘harvested’, I received a very disappointing response this morning whereby they would not even acknowledge the queries I had put forward to them regarding the vague and innacurate statements they have made in previous letters. Continue reading

Lidl – Please STOP selling Kangaroo Meat!!

Here is my response to the last Lidl letter, with huge thanks to Viva for their help in writing it! There are some useful links in it – I will add them to the links section (to the right) too. If you contact Lidl yourself and get a response, I would love to hear from you – likewise if you know of any good resources on the topic of commercial kangaroo harvesting.

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UPDATE – Lidl Please Stop Selling Kangaroo Meat!

Some of you may remember my post on July 24th 2013 here, asking Lidl to stop selling kangaroo meat. I had contacted them via email in June, asking them to stop selling a meat that comes from a trade which can only exist in a horrendous amount of cruel and inhumane practices. I received a standard response from them, and responded point by point – both of those letters are in the original post. Almost THREE MONTHS later, Lidl have responded to the concerns I raised in my reply back in July.  Continue reading

Lidl – Please Stop Selling kangaroo meat!

I recently wrote to Lidl, as they are the only UK supermarket selling kangaroo meat – a meat that comes from a trade that can only exist by shooting, braining or decapitating around a million baby and dependent young animals a year and throwing them away as ‘trash’. (You can see more on this issue (and join the campaign) at SaveTheKangaroo.com).

I have received a response from Lidl, and responded to it in turn, here are the letters.  Continue reading