Petition : Abandon plans to force women to prove they were raped before they get benefits

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Abandon plans to force women to prove they were raped before they get benefits

According to George Osborne’s budget, a woman who has a third child as the result of rape must justify her position in order to avoid losing tax credits.

This will mean a woman having to prove she was raped to a government official before she can get benefits.

In addition to the main problem with the policy outline above, the whole plan to restrict child tax credits to 2 children is nothing short of social engineering akin to a Chinese-style “two child policy” dictating to the public what sort of family life they should have.

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League Against Cruel Sports – Hunting Act is under threat

Via League Against Cruel Sports – Hunting Act is under threat


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The new Government are planning a free vote to repeal the Hunting Act. Now more than ever we need you to contact your MP urging them to defend this vital piece of animal welfare legislation.

Please email your MP and urge them to vote to keep the Hunting Act.

To find your MP, follow the link above or below, enter your full postcode in the box and click Submit.  You will then be given the chance to send an email making your concerns known and asking them to let you know how they would vote.

Via League Against Cruel Sports – Hunting Act is under threat

Did you know that your taxes help fund the bullfighting industry?

Next week, on Wednesday the 22nd October the European Union will vote on budgets for 2015. Each year the European Union provides an estimated £110 million through Common Agriculture Policy payments to farmers who breed bulls for bullfights.

£13.5 million comes from the UK alone. Yes, this means that some of your hard earned tax is helping to support this barbaric industry.

Next Wednesday your MEP will have an opportunity to support and vote for an amendment to prohibit the use of European funds to support farmers who breed bulls for bullfights.

Green MEP Indrek Tarand has tabled a proposal to prohibit European subsidies being used to support these farmers. This amendment will be voted on in the European Parliament next Wednesday, with a roll call vote. That means that we will know exactly who supports these subsidies and who does not.

The European Convention for the Protection of Animals kept for Farming Purposes is clear: Animals should not suffer pain, injury, fear or distress.

Farmers breeding bulls to be tortured slowly for public display can never comply with these conditions and therefore should not be eligible for agricultural subsidies. Continue reading