Fundraising in Memory of Pets

Socks The CatLast year our beloved pet cat Socks was very ill and sadly passed away. This has affected our whole family, as Socks was over 15 years old and had been with us a long time. In particular, she had been a huge part of my 9-year old son’s life for most of his life. We were talking recently about how sad it was to lose a pet, and how sad my son felt at our loss.
We talked about doing something in memory of her, perhaps getting a plant or garden ornament to put in the garden and remember her by. Then we talked about maybe doing some fundraising, and helping other animals.
So we have set up this justgiving page, in the hopes of remembering not just our pet, but many other pets who are no longer with us, and also helping raise funds at the same time.

We decided to raise funds for our local shelter, Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter. So we invite you, dear reader, to make a small donation – whatever you can afford – and send us the details, and the name and a picture of your pet. We will then post a memorial to your pet here on this special memorial page.

 Make your donation here. 

Thank you in advance.