General Election 2017: Make animals matter

Via Humane Society International

With the General Election fast-approaching, now’s your chance to help ensure that the laws that protect animals are not weakened, repealed or replaced but that protections are instead strengthened and extended. Continue reading


League Against Cruel Sports – Hunting Act is under threat

Via League Against Cruel Sports – Hunting Act is under threat


Post election Take Action fox image.jpg

The new Government are planning a free vote to repeal the Hunting Act. Now more than ever we need you to contact your MP urging them to defend this vital piece of animal welfare legislation.

Please email your MP and urge them to vote to keep the Hunting Act.

To find your MP, follow the link above or below, enter your full postcode in the box and click Submit.  You will then be given the chance to send an email making your concerns known and asking them to let you know how they would vote.

Via League Against Cruel Sports – Hunting Act is under threat

Useful Campaign Contacts – MPs, Councillors, Government

Sometimes its a bit confusing as to who to contact about what, or where to find that information, so I thought I would jot down a few useful contacts (for me, as much as anyone else!) for anyone who needs to campaign about something. Continue reading