Tourism Ireland – Stop promoting greyhound racing

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Less than two weeks after RTE’s Prime Time exposed dog doping and animal cruelty in the Irish greyhound industry, Tourism Ireland welcomed the Irish Greyhound Board (IGB) to its stand at a major tourism event in the UK.

Despite shocking revelations about the cruelty involved in greyhound racing and the damage undoubtedly being done to Ireland’s international image, the greyhound board was allowed to be part of the Tourism Ireland stand at the Tourism and Travel Show 2017, held at the NEC Birmingham on March 22nd and 23rd. Continue reading


Ban Sulky Racing in Ireland

Sulky road racing, in which children as young as 10 hitch horses or ponies to lightweight carts and race them down busy motorways, is a cruel barbaric activity.

The horses are often raced at far too young of an age to be ridden, meaning that they are at a higher risk for torn ligaments, broken bones or other serious injuries. They rarely have proper shoes or tack. Continue reading

Say NO to Chinese Greyhound Racing Stadiums – The Petition Site

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Say NO to Chinese Greyhound Racing Stadiums

The Irish Greyhound Board was considering shipping some of its greyhounds to the People’s Republic of China so the Chinese can introduce greyhound racing to that country, – but the Irish Department of Agriculture refused to approve the proposal to export Irish greyhounds to China.

However, The Irish Greyhound Board is continuing to explore the possibility of helping to manage Chinese greyhound stadiums. It previously held talks with Beijing authorities about establishing a multi-million-euro greyhound franchise in China.

We urge members of The Irish Greyhound Board to stop support for greyhound racing in China due to the lack of animal welfare standards in the People’s Republic of China. Further, we urge an end greyhound racing in Ireland as a way to fostering a public understanding of and respect for the humane treatment of animals in Ireland.

via Say NO to Chinese Greyhound Racing Stadiums – The Petition Site.