Ban Sulky Racing in Ireland

Sulky road racing, in which children as young as 10 hitch horses or ponies to lightweight carts and race them down busy motorways, is a cruel barbaric activity.

The horses are often raced at far too young of an age to be ridden, meaning that they are at a higher risk for torn ligaments, broken bones or other serious injuries. They rarely have proper shoes or tack. Continue reading


Prosecute Man For Dragging A Horse Behind A Moving Car! |

via PetitionHub.orgThat is what I have seen yesterday on a street in Lefkada, Greece. I didn’t find a police department anywhere not being from around but I took this picture and rushed home to search the internet for a way to make a complaint about this abuse. I kept calling the local authorities but I didn’t get an answer.

When we passed the car we had about 50 miles/hour. The car was moving fast enough and the horse was tired. We kept flashing the driver but he did not stop.

Left with nothing else to do I am creating this petition and I’m hoping to get enough signatures to send to the local authorities and urge them to start an investigation. The licence plates are visible in the picture and the owner can easily be located.

The horse had some wounds on his legs and my concern is that this is not the only abuse he has been trough. Please take action now and help me be the voice of this poor animal.

via Prosecute Man For Dragging A Horse Behind A Moving Car! |

Ban The Grand National

Courtesy of Animal Aid


Animal Aid has, for many years, called for the Grand National to be banned. It is a deliberately hazardous race. A dangerously overcrowded field of 40 horses is forced to confront 30 extraordinarily challenging and treacherous jumps, over a course of four-and-a-half miles. Since 2000, 22 horses have died on the Grand National course and, over the course of the three-day meeting, 38 horses have been killed at the three-day in that same period. Continue reading