Vote Cruelty Free

Force-fed. Poisoned. Left to die.

Vote Cruelty Free

Just imagine, for a moment, the awful reality of life for animals languishing in Britain’s laboratories. The pain; the suffering; and, surely, the wish that it would just stop now.

In 2015, researchers in Britain completed 4.14 million experiments using live animals. Let’s face it, animals in laboratories need all the help they can get.


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General Election 2017: Make animals matter

Via Humane Society International

With the General Election fast-approaching, now’s your chance to help ensure that the laws that protect animals are not weakened, repealed or replaced but that protections are instead strengthened and extended. Continue reading

Help change the law on air gun ownership in England and Wales

Petition via Cats Protection

campaign-banner.jpgNorthern Ireland has led the way in restricting gun ownership. Since 2004, anyone who buys, owns or uses an air weapon is required to have a license. Scotland adopted similar legislation at the start of this year. Continue reading

UK Government/RSPCA – Create an Animal Cruelty Register in the UK

via, please sign and share the petition to create an Animal Cruelty Register in the UK. 

Narla was horrifically beaten by thug Craig McKinley in a shocking video footage that went viral on Facebook.

As an animal lover, who owns a dog just like Narla, I found the story highly upsetting. What shocked me is that these abusers and others like them will be able to own an animal again one day. There’s nothing to prevent them doing this again. Continue reading

Urgent repeal on “Rape Clause” – Justice for rape victims

Forcing women to disclose details of rape is inhumane. Recent changes to tax credits mean mothers can only get the financial support they need for a maximum of 2 children.

For a mother to get this for a third or additional child conceived as a result of rape, she will now have to prove her rape and have it “verified” by a third party. This policy is shameful and needs to be scrapped URGENTLY.

Tax credits are an incentive given to those who need it – meaning that they are able to use tax money for other means.  This new part of the policy, was introduced by the UK government on the 6th April 2017, without a Parliamentary vote despite opposition from other MP’s, women’s rights campaigners and charities.

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Call on G20 leaders to create a world where no one is left behind


In 2015, the United Nations released the Sustainable Development Goals – 17 global goals to create a more peaceful, environmentally conscious, and equal world. Two years later, few countries have stepped up to tackle these goals – including the G20 nations.

Join us in calling on G20 leaders to create a world where nobody is left behind.

A world where a young girl can live her dream and go to school. Where a father who had to escape war and terror can offer a new life to his family. Where children can grow up healthy without having to go to bed hungry. Continue reading

Amber Rudd and Theresa May – Protect Whistleblowers

via Protect whistleblowers

Whistleblowers – people who expose things like tax dodging and unnecessary NHS deaths – can reveal secrets that are in the interest of the public. But new plans to potentially lock up some whistleblowers for up to 14 years could have a chilling effect – keeping hidden things we all have a right to know. Continue reading

Petition – Ask the Kenyan Government to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation


child on beach

The last place you should expect to find a child is in a brothel; yet for 17-year-old Phoebe from Kenya, this is her life.

Phoebe comes from a poor family. When she dropped out of school her friends told her she could make a living as a sex worker. She thought she could start a new life and find a rich, foreign boyfriend — instead she has been forced to have group sex with tourists for no money. Continue reading

Petition – David Cameron: stop the UK selling weapons to Saudi Arabia

Email David Cameron: stop the UK selling weapons to Saudi Arabia

It is time the UK government ceased its support for a Saudi state that terrorises its own people and blatantly violates human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Saudi Arabia ought to be treated as a global pariah, following the decision of its supreme court to uphold the sentence of 10 years in jail and 1,000 lashes on Raif Badawi for the crime of expressing the wrong opinions. But there is no sign that this sadistic cruelty is disturbing the close and decades-long friendship between Whitehall and Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia is currently the UK’s largest arms export market. It is a nonsense to claim, as ministers do, that this military cooperation is about nothing more than the Saudis’ right to self-defence. The reason we do not arm Iran, Syria or North Korea is that arms sales are inescapably an expression of political support and commitment to regime survival.

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