Petition: Don’t Poison Iconic Lake Superior for Bacon

Don't Poison Iconic Lake Superior for Bacon

Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes in North America, is being threatened by a HUGE possible pig farm for over 26,000 pigs.

Runoff from the farm could pollute Lake Superior — a key source of drinking water for the neighboring city of Ashland. The city’s water security is already strained by beach bacteria. Residents shouldn’t be inconvenienced by the stench of pig waste that can also make them sick.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) plans to do a full environmental impact study of the possible pig farm; even though the environmental consequences of pig farms are already documented. Next, the agency will ask for the public’s input.

But this process will take months. Care2 members don’t have to wait months to voice their opposition. Sign and share this petition NOW demanding that the Wisconsin DNR protects our iconic Lake Superior. Is a piece of a bacon really worth more than a pig’s life of suffering, water for an entire city and the risk of pollution of an iconic freshwater lake?

Petition: Don’t Poison Iconic Lake Superior for Bacon.


Animal rights group sounds alarm over 40m livestock deaths on UK farms | Environment | The Guardian

Animal rights group sounds alarm over 40m livestock deaths on UK farms | Environment | The Guardian.

Livestock suffer ‘traumatic’ deaths caused by fires, floods, road collisions, disease and neglect

Animal Aid calculates that 250,000 cattle a year die before they are slaughtered for human consumption. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian

More than 40 million farm animals are estimated to die each year in the UK before they reach the slaughterhouse, according to a report to be published this week which urges the government to introduce measures that would compel farmers to disclose the numbers.

The report, The Uncounted Dead: Farming’s unofficial victims, by Animal Aid, an organisation opposed to meat eating, is the first to put a figure on the number of animals that die before slaughter. The true number is currently unverifiable because neither the government nor the industry collate or publish data on animal fatalities. Farmers are required to report an animal’s on-farm death only if it is caused by a notifiable disease, such as foot and mouth or BSE. Continue reading

Petition | Campaigning for Better Dairy – Compassion in World Farming

Supporting Better Dairy

Please sign and forward the petition for Better Dairy at the Compassion in World Farming website. Thank you!

Petition – To EU Commissioner,

Europe’s 23 million cows don’t have specific rules to protect their welfare as there are for pigs and hens. I think it’s unfair and I believe we need to show our hard-working dairy cows some love. I want you to use your influence to introduce a specific EU Directive to protect them. The campaign Supporting Better Dairy has a full proposal on the Directive content that I believe you should consider. You can view it at

 Dairy farming within the European Union

Animals are not materials – they are living beings (Andras Forgacs)

I am very passionate about the rights of animals – while I understand the need to kill animals for food in order to survive, I do not agree with the mass killing of animals in the name of commercialism. I don’t agree with killing living beings to make shoes, handbags and other things that we could easily do without.

I recently watched a brilliant video on TED, where Andres Forgacs talks about how we can have leather and meat readily available, without the killing of animals. Continue reading