Prioritizing Menstrual Hygiene Management is Key to Ensuring Girls Can Stay in School


It’s a fact: everyone wins when girls and women access a full education. Educated girls and women are shown to have better maternal health and they are better equipped to raise healthier and more educated children.

And when a country increases its number of women educated through the second grade by 1%, it also raises its annual per capita economic growth by 0.3%.


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Call on G20 leaders to create a world where no one is left behind


In 2015, the United Nations released the Sustainable Development Goals – 17 global goals to create a more peaceful, environmentally conscious, and equal world. Two years later, few countries have stepped up to tackle these goals – including the G20 nations.

Join us in calling on G20 leaders to create a world where nobody is left behind.

A world where a young girl can live her dream and go to school. Where a father who had to escape war and terror can offer a new life to his family. Where children can grow up healthy without having to go to bed hungry. Continue reading

Stop using labels as an excuse! Teach disabled children to read and write #TeachUsToo

via Petition · Justine Greening MP: Stop using labels as an excuse! Teach disabled children to read and write #TeachUsToo ·

My name is Jonathan Bryan and I am 10 years old. Until last year I was unable to communicate, as I am in a wheelchair with Cerebral Palsy and my voice does not work.

Learning to spell, using only my eyes, has totally transformed my life, but it is only possible because my mother taught me to read and write.

What brings me incredible sorrow is watching my non-verbal friends in wheelchairs miss out on the fullness of life because no-one believes that they are worth teaching literacy to, and waiting locked in for someone to give them a chance to have a voice. Continue reading

Petition : Will You Defend Nurseries?

The youngest children in England need more from our government. Many are falling behind before they even start school.But they won’t get the support they need unless we show our MPs we want them to invest in little brains to give children a brighter future.

England’s poorest children are starting school 15 months behind their better off peers in language skills. The 3-5-year-old brain can learn fast, but children need high quality early-years care to develop the literacy skills they need to get on at school and in life.

Please sign the petition which states “A child’s success in life depends on their progress in their early years. I want the government to boost nursery quality to give every child the best start.”

Petition | David Cameron: Bring sex and relationship education into the 21st century #bettersexeducation |

Petition | David Cameron: Bring sex and relationship education into the 21st century #bettersexeducation |

Whilst advances in technology have brought about the ability to find out anything, anywhere at the swipe of a finger, sadly sex and relationship education in schools has not kept up. The petition above seeks to bring about better sex and relationship education in schools – the statistics of just how many young people think what happens in pornography is what happens in real life is frightening. Young people need to be educated in the relationship, health and physical aspects of sex and intimacy. They need to be informed of their rights as individuals – that no means no – and that whether they have feelings for boys, girls or both, its perfectly acceptable and normal. Please sign the petition and forward it on, lets get the adults of tomorrow properly educated and kept safe.