Petition – David Cameron: stop the UK selling weapons to Saudi Arabia

Email David Cameron: stop the UK selling weapons to Saudi Arabia

It is time the UK government ceased its support for a Saudi state that terrorises its own people and blatantly violates human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Saudi Arabia ought to be treated as a global pariah, following the decision of its supreme court to uphold the sentence of 10 years in jail and 1,000 lashes on Raif Badawi for the crime of expressing the wrong opinions. But there is no sign that this sadistic cruelty is disturbing the close and decades-long friendship between Whitehall and Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia is currently the UK’s largest arms export market. It is a nonsense to claim, as ministers do, that this military cooperation is about nothing more than the Saudis’ right to self-defence. The reason we do not arm Iran, Syria or North Korea is that arms sales are inescapably an expression of political support and commitment to regime survival.

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Avaaz – Murder – Made in Britain | Petition

415 children killed in Gaza.

298 airline passengers shot out of the sky in Eastern Ukraine.

Outrageously, the UK’s still selling weapons – including bomb and missile parts! – to both Israel and Russia.

But now’s our best chance to stop it.

Right now David Cameron’s under intense pressure to suspend all arms licenses to both countries – a senior minister just quit and others are in open rebellion. He’s announced a review, and vowed to stop some arms sales to Israel if fighting resumes. But given his government’s cosy relationship with mass weapons-makers like BAE systems he’ll only commit to firm action if we give him no choice.

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Petition | David Cameron: Bring sex and relationship education into the 21st century #bettersexeducation |

Petition | David Cameron: Bring sex and relationship education into the 21st century #bettersexeducation |

Whilst advances in technology have brought about the ability to find out anything, anywhere at the swipe of a finger, sadly sex and relationship education in schools has not kept up. The petition above seeks to bring about better sex and relationship education in schools – the statistics of just how many young people think what happens in pornography is what happens in real life is frightening. Young people need to be educated in the relationship, health and physical aspects of sex and intimacy. They need to be informed of their rights as individuals – that no means no – and that whether they have feelings for boys, girls or both, its perfectly acceptable and normal. Please sign the petition and forward it on, lets get the adults of tomorrow properly educated and kept safe.