Girls as young as young as six are being held in sexual slavery by Islamic State

Petition from Global Citizen

Call On The UN Human Rights Commissioner To Establish A Commission Of Inquiry That Collects Evidence


Nadia Murad was taken as a sex slave by Islamic State (ISIS) militants, when they invaded the Sinjar district of northern Iraq in mid-2014, killing more than 3,000 Yazidi civilians and capturing up to 7,000. Nadia saw her brothers killed and was held captive, like many other Yazidi women and girls, for months before escaping.

Nadia has campaigned for countries to investigate and prosecute the Islamic State for its crimes against Yazidi people to hold IS troops accountable. Continue reading


Stop Female Genital Cutting (warning: upsetting topic)

To: Lynne Featherstone MP

Dear Lynne,

I am writing to ask you to make it a PRIORITY to stop all Female Genital Cutting in Britain NOW. As responsible and caring adults it is our duty to protect ALL our children. FGC is a barbaric and sadistic practice usually carried out with no anaesthetic. How can we allow this torture of small defenceless children to go on!?

We regularly prosecute people for treating animals cruelly – and yet not one single person has been prosecuted for cutting off the genitals of young girls! This is an unbelievable situation which we cannot allow to continue!


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Stop using labels as an excuse! Teach disabled children to read and write #TeachUsToo

via Petition · Justine Greening MP: Stop using labels as an excuse! Teach disabled children to read and write #TeachUsToo ·

My name is Jonathan Bryan and I am 10 years old. Until last year I was unable to communicate, as I am in a wheelchair with Cerebral Palsy and my voice does not work.

Learning to spell, using only my eyes, has totally transformed my life, but it is only possible because my mother taught me to read and write.

What brings me incredible sorrow is watching my non-verbal friends in wheelchairs miss out on the fullness of life because no-one believes that they are worth teaching literacy to, and waiting locked in for someone to give them a chance to have a voice. Continue reading