Shut down CAVE FM 977 Benson for illegal broadcasting – for broadcasting ‘Paedophile advice’

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Admin note: Child pornography IS child abuse, there is no other way to look at it. The children involved – children, who cannot give their consent to sexual acts, and may have been coerced, forced or drugged – are abused, molested and raped for the entertainment of others. Giving advice on hiding any crime is appalling, but giving advice on hiding a crime such as this is abhorrent and unacceptable.  Continue reading


Urgently protect the Human Rights Act – it helped get my autistic son home

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My name is Mark Neary and without the Human Rights Act and European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), I don’t know where my autistic son Steven would be today. After the council wrongly took him away, the Act helped me bring Steven home. Continue reading

Russia Prosecutor General, investigate mass murder and torture of LGBT people in Chechnya

—- Trigger warning: reference to homophobia and violence —-

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This week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, to investigate reports that gay men are being violently persecuted in the Russian region of Chechnya.

The news comes after a petition was started by gay rights activist Igor, in Moscow. Disturbed by reports that gay men were being rounded up, tortured and killed in the region, he started campaigning for the Russian Government to investigate these reports.

So far 351,000 people from around the world have signed the petition. Igor believes the news that Angela Merkel has intervened is a sign public pressure is working. Will you help him to keep up the pressure by supporting his campaign? Continue reading

Creating fake online profiles for sex is fraud. Make Catfishing a crime!

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Last year I was in love with a man I had met online. After 14 months, I discovered that the man I was in a relationship with ‘Antony Ray’ was using a fake identity. He had created a fake profile. Turns out he was married and even had a dedicated phone for ‘conquests’ from his fake life. He took advantage of my trust and took away my right to choose. Had I known, I would never have consented to a sexual relationship with a married man, let alone a man who was actively having relations with multiple women simultaneously. Continue reading

Petition – Provide tests for Group B Strep to prevent any more avoidable deaths of newborn babies


My partner Scott and I should have been sharing our son Edward Gili’s first birthday last month. But instead of having that exciting first year to celebrate and many more to look forward to, we had just 9 precious days to spend with our beautiful son.

Edward was cruelly taken from us as a result of contracting group B Strep infection at birth. On average, one newborn baby a day in the UK develops group B Strep infection. One baby a week dies from group B Strep infection. One baby a fortnight who survives the infection is left with long-term disabilities – physical, mental or both.  It is the UK’s most common cause of severe bacterial infection in newborn babies, and of meningitis in babies under 3 months.

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Petition – Gap Inc – foxes, rabbits, and raccoon dogs are being slaughtered. Please stop selling fur.


Gap Inc. profits from animals’ suffering in the fur industry. Raccoon dogs, foxes, rabbits, and mink are slaughtered and skinned for Gap Inc.’s Intermix stores despite widespread cruelty to animals who are often beaten, electrocuted, or bled to death for their fur. Please sign my petition asking Gap Inc. to go completely fur-free.

If this issue sounds familiar, it’s because a spokesperson for Gap Inc. said: “We are committed to the ethical sourcing of our products, which includes the humane treatment of animals,” when they announced that their Piperlime stores would stop selling fur in September 2014. This was in response to a petition I created on But they stopped short of putting this policy in place across all stores.

The abhorrent physical conditions in which these animals suffer on fur factory farms lead to behaviors consistent with extreme psychological trauma such as rocking, head bobbing, self-mutilation, and even cannibalism. Wild animals trapped for their fur are caught in steel leg traps or in strangulation snares. Foxes caught in the jaws of a steel leg trap have been known to attempt to chew off their own feet in an attempt to escape.

Animals are beaten, electrocuted, or have their heads stomped on before being skinned. Undercover video investigations often show animals still breathing and flinching while being skinned. Many Gap, Inc. fur products are made in China, a country with virtually nonexistent animal cruelty laws. In a particularly gut-wrenching clip from a Chinese factory, a skinned animal lifts his head and looks into the camera.

Gap Inc. owns numerous stores including Banana Republic, Piperlime, Old Navy, Athleta — all of which seem to be fur-free. If they already claim to care about humane treatment of animals, why are they allowing their Intermix stores to keep selling so many fur coats, hats, gloves, and other accessories from animals killed all over the world?

I have reached out to Gap Inc. and it is clear that they care about the concerns of their customers. The same spokesperson who talked about humane treatment of animals also said they are “committed to our customers and welcome your feedback.” In my correspondence, I inquired about the possibility of removing fur from the shelves of all Gap Inc. stores. After agreeing to look into the issue and get back to me, I never heard from them again. A subsequent follow up email was also never returned. So that’s why I’m asking Gap Inc. to adopt a consistent fur-free policy across all its companies.

Please take a stand against the heartless slaughter of animals! Sign my petition and cease to shop at any Gap Inc. store until this corporation agrees to go fur free.

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Petition : Boots – review the sexist pricing of everyday products


£9.99 for eye cream for women, but £7.29 for men. £2.29 for 8 women’s razors, £1.49 for a pack of 10 for men. A visit to any Boots store and it’s plain as day on the British high street that women are being ripped off.

So-called ‘women’s products’ are more expensive – from razors to moisturising creams. Women already buy things that men don’t have to buy, like make up, hair products and tampons which are taxed as luxuries, plus we earn less than men on average across our lifetimes. Now to top it all off, research has proven what any woman who has ever been inside a hair salon already knew: women pay more than men for the same stuff.

An investigation by The Times found that women are being charged 36% more on average for products marketed as ‘women’s products’. The Fawcett Society describe this as a sexist surcharge for women – and I think that’s exactly what this is.

Please sign the petition here, and share.

Petition :Please stop the suffering being inflicted on the monkeys of Mauritius ·

The holiday island of Mauritius is known for its beautiful beaches, tropical climate, heritage sites and wildlife. The Ministry of Tourism is working hard to boost the island’s image as a green ethical tourist destination.

However, the international reputation of Mauritius as a holiday paradise is being overshadowed by its role as one of the world’s largest players in the cruel and controversial trade of supplying monkeys for experiments.

In 2014, 8,991 monkeys were exported from the island, primarily to Europe and the USA.   Did you know that tens of thousands of monkeys are held in farms across Mauritius?

Many of these individuals were captured from the wild on Mauritius and are imprisoned in these farms, used for breeding to produce babies who will be transported to laboratories around the world.

Denied their freedom in the lush foliage of their jungle homes, they spend their lives behind bars on concrete. The monkeys are shipped as cargo on airplanes in small wooden crates.

In the laboratory, they may suffer the effects of poisoning after being forced to consume large quantities of chemicals or drugs in toxicity tests or face being subjected to major brain surgery, their skulls cut open and devices implanted into their brains.

This controversial trade, worth less than 2% of Mauritian export, is economically insignificant compared with the income that Mauritius receives from its tourism industry.

The Cruelty Free International Save Our Monkeys campaign is dedicated to ending this cruel exploitation of the Mauritius monkey population.

Find out more and take action to help save the monkeys of Mauritius.

Source: Petition · The Hon. Charles Gaëtan Xavier-Luc DUVAL G.C.S.K.,F.C.A., Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism: Please stop the suffering being inflicted on the monkeys of Mauritius ·

Petition · Jeremy Hunt: Help my daughter get the drugs she needs to live ·

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Help my daughter get the drugs she needs to live.

Bethany, is a nine year old and one of the bravest people I know. Although I would say that – I am her father! Bethany has a rare genetic condition. She has tumours on her brain, liver and right kidney. She suffers epileptic fits up to 50 times a day, suffers insomnia and has learning difficulties.It’s heartbreaking and the drugs she is on are not working. Her doctors say the anti-cancer drug Everolimus will work and clinical trials prove this.But NHS red-tape means Bethany has been denied funding for the drug.

via Petition · Jeremy Hunt: Help my daughter get the drugs she needs to live ·

Petition | Don’t make life harder for Oxford’s rough sleepers |

So it looks like Oxford City Council has decided that rough sleeping isn’t hard enough as it is.

They are proposing a ban on various ‘anti-social activities’ in the city centre (by using new ‘public spaces protection order’ powers, PSPOs). One of the activities Oxford City plan to ban and criminalise is “rough sleeping”.

We at On Your Doorstep believe that the proposed ban is an attempt to cover up the huge housing and homelessness crisis that Oxford faces. We know that with this policy the council are trying to gloss over the long term issue of homelessness and are discriminating against Oxford’s rough sleepers.