Petition: Demand That MetLife Hold New York Blood Center Accountable for 67 Abandoned Chimps

As the New York Blood Center’s (NYBC) largest corporate donor, MetLife has the power to compel the organization to reinstate funding for the 67 chimpanzees who they abandoned with no food or water. 

For a 30 year period starting in the mid-1970s, NYBC conducted experiments on over 400 hundred chimpanzees in Liberia, where they could capture, breed and experiment on them with little regulatory oversight. When the research was complete, NYBC moved the survivors onto six islands in Liberia and one island in The Ivory Coast and made a public commitment to provide them with lifelong care. Continue reading


Stop polar bear hunting as a sport!

Stop polar bear hunting as a sport!

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People are spending a lot of money at Alaskan Hunting Safaris By Rick Herscher to hunt polar bears for trophies. Polar bears are not an endangered species, and it is not illegal to hunt them, but they are being threatened. These beautiful creatures of the north are disappearing mainly because of global warming, but also because of the impact humans are having on them. Continue reading

Petition: Urge Ecuador to Take Urgent Action to Stop the Catastrophic Levels of Shark Killings

Petition Target: Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador

Police in Ecuador say they have seized about 200,000 shark fins destined to be illegally exported to Asia, according to a report in The Guardian.

The interior minister said the seizure had “dealt a major blow to an international network that trafficked shark fins”.However, the seizure of so many shark fins on mainland Ecuador, just 1,000km away from the Galapagos Islands, is catastrophic to shark numbers. Continue reading

Petition – Release Louie the Chimpanzee from Solitary Confinement

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Release Louie the Chimpanzee from Solitary Confinement

Issues continue regarding the confinement of chimpanzees in various facilities, schools and zoos such as Louie that is allegedly being held at a facility known as the DeYoung Family Zoo in Michigan.  Louie was literally torn away from his mother when he was very young, probably not even weaned from nursing.  The goal was to take this tiny infant and use him in the entertainment field as a prop for photo sessions with humans.

You can read more about Louie at As you can see, this poor animal never had the opportunity to fully be nurtured by its mother and enjoy companionship of other chimps in their natural habitat.  Louie deserves a much better life than the solitary confinement of a crate, lacking in proper care.

Our efforts in this petition is to encourage the DeYoung Family Zoo officials to place Louie into a safe and reputable sanctuary so that he can live out his remaining years with proper care, companionship and enrichment that he deserves. This amazing animal needs our help in speaking out for its health and well-being.  You can aid us in our efforts by signing and sharing this petition. Let your voices be heard.

Petition – Free dolphin activist Ric O’Barry from detention in Japan

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Ric O’Barry (of Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project) was detained in the Tokyo Airport on Jan. 18, and has since been held in a deportees facility and repeatedly interrogated.

Barry is perhaps most known for his role in the 2009 Academy Award-winning documentary “The Cove,” which details the horrific slaughter of hundreds of dolphins each year in Taiji, Japan. As a result of this spotlight and his continued work to stop the hunts, he has become a target for surveillance and repeated interrogations by the Japanese government.

Please sign this petition demanding that Japanese immigration officials stop making up reasons to detain Ric O’Barry and release him immediately.



Petition- Don’t Fine Homeless People!!

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Chelmsford City Council want to fine homeless people for sleeping rough on our city’s streets. Join us, the caring citizens of Chelmsford, to respectively request that the council find a productive and less punishing approach to helping homeless people in Chelmsford. 

People without a home are fellow human beings who, for whatever reason, find themselves in a very difficult situation. Implementing the fine system is not a compassionate or sensible response. It can only result in a huge waste of tax payers money, and is futile.

Instead of penalising people who are without a home, we suggest that Chelmsford City Council use tax payers money in a more productive way and provide more support for those local charities who are struggling to cope with the rising demand for shelter.

Please sign the petition and let the council know that we want our vulnerable homeless citizens to receive care and support, not further financial strain and punishment. 

Petition – Ban Steel-Jaw Leghold Traps in the US

Ban Steel-Jaw Leghold Traps in the U.S.Steel-jaw leghold traps are nasty, cruel mechanical devices designed to grasp an animal by the leg using spring-operated metal jaws.

In their desperation to escape the pain and terror of being trapped, the captured animal will sometimes bite off the limb that has been caught.

The traps often catch unintended animals, including birds, pets, and animals of rare species.

Trappers kill millions of animals every year, but many of those animals were unintentionally trapped. They’re often refered to as “trash” animals because their fur isn’t worth any money.

About 100 countries – excluding the United States, Canada and Russia – have so far banned the use of leghold traps on the grounds that they are inhumane and indiscriminate. Britain (where they are called gin traps) was one of the first countries to outlaw them in the 1950’s, and the European Union banned steel-jaw leghold traps in 1995.

There is ample scientific evidence to show that even if an innocent animal survives the trapping, it often ends up with damaged tendons or ligaments in its efforts to escape. Trapped animals suffer from torsion injuries, fractures, soft tissue damage and other limb injuries. Innocent animals caught by mistake often have to be euthanized as a result.

Sign this petition to demand that Congress pass legislation to ban steel-jaw leghold traps in the United States.

Continue reading

Petition – Stop the local council developing Houghton Forest, Whiteways

Stop the local council developing Houghton Forest, WhitewaysThe local council are planning on developing Houghton Forest, Whiteways, and laying a 2 kilometer plus, 2.5m wide surfaced bridleway from Fairmile bottom up to The Denture.

There are no good reasons for the new path.

Please sign this petition to protect this lovely, peaceful area from needless disruption and alteration.



The planned bridleway meets the Denture at the site of a proposed holiday village. The village has not yet been granted planning permission, so if the two things are linked the bridleway plan is premature and an attempt to disregard the process by which decisions for new sites are made.

In addition, there is an existing bridleway, some of which hasn’t been used for so long it is completely overgrown, and other sections of which are not in need of resurfacing in the slightest. This indicates that the local community is not in need of a new bridleway.

There is currently no good reason to go tearing through this beautiful piece of tranquil countryside. Please sign this petition to show your support for leaving the Houghton Forest as it is, and to resist any development happening that would spoil this wonderful place.

Please sign the petition here.

petition: Trump: Stop Encouraging Your Sons to Murder Defenseless Big Game

In 2011, Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, went on a kill safari in Africa and posed shamelessly with their beautiful and defenseless prey – an African Leopard, a water buffalo and an elephant. After killing the enormous elephant – an animal touted for its intelligence, its tight-knit family structure and its mourning of dead loved ones – they cut off its tail and posed for a photograph.

These photos resurfaced last year as Donald Trump Sr.’s presidential campaign heated up. And, not surprisingly, Trump has defended his sons’ trophy hunting, waving it off and just saying, “They’re great marksman, great shots, they love it.”

After the death of Cecil the Lion last year and the increasing awareness about the cruelty and nebulous legality of big game hunting tours in Africa, it’s time that any prospective leader condemns sport hunting tourism of all kinds. Please sign to tell Donald Trump to condemn trophy hunting.

Source: petition: Trump: Stop Encouraging Your Sons to Murder Defenseless Big Game

Petition : End Access Refusal to Guide Dog Owners

Via Care2:

Visual impairment is a fact of life for many thousands of people in the UK. 3 out of 4 guide dog owners have been turned away from a taxi, business, service or public place because they were told that their dog was not welcome. This is against the law.

Guide dog owners say that these access refusals make them feel angry and embarrassed, and that it can affect their confidence in going to new places.

Guide Dogs wants to ensure that guide dog owners receive the same treatment as everyone else. We’re campaigning alongside them for the rights that most sighted people take for granted.

We’re calling on the Government to bring an end to guide dog owners being refused access. We want tougher sentences for taxi and private hire vehicle drivers who refuse to carry assistance dogs and the law strengthened to prevent refusals taking place in other settings.

Sign our petition to end access refusals to guide dog owners.