Vote Cruelty Free

Force-fed. Poisoned. Left to die.

Vote Cruelty Free

Just imagine, for a moment, the awful reality of life for animals languishing in Britain’s laboratories. The pain; the suffering; and, surely, the wish that it would just stop now.

In 2015, researchers in Britain completed 4.14 million experiments using live animals. Let’s face it, animals in laboratories need all the help they can get.


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General Election 2017: Make animals matter

Via Humane Society International

With the General Election fast-approaching, now’s your chance to help ensure that the laws that protect animals are not weakened, repealed or replaced but that protections are instead strengthened and extended. Continue reading

Stop the cruelty at Yulin

It breaks my heart to have to post these petitions about the Yulin dog ‘festival’. Please, please, sign and share this petition, this horrific practice needs to end NOW.

Petition via Humane Society International

main-featureRight now, across China and in the city of Yulin, thousands of dogs are being rounded up. Pets have been stolen, and strays are being snatched off the streets. Trucks and motorcycles are roaring into town with cages full of animals captured, some from thousands of miles away, others from nearby provinces… all in preparation for the annual Dog Meat Festival, just weeks away.
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Petition – Gap Inc – foxes, rabbits, and raccoon dogs are being slaughtered. Please stop selling fur.


Gap Inc. profits from animals’ suffering in the fur industry. Raccoon dogs, foxes, rabbits, and mink are slaughtered and skinned for Gap Inc.’s Intermix stores despite widespread cruelty to animals who are often beaten, electrocuted, or bled to death for their fur. Please sign my petition asking Gap Inc. to go completely fur-free.

If this issue sounds familiar, it’s because a spokesperson for Gap Inc. said: “We are committed to the ethical sourcing of our products, which includes the humane treatment of animals,” when they announced that their Piperlime stores would stop selling fur in September 2014. This was in response to a petition I created on But they stopped short of putting this policy in place across all stores.

The abhorrent physical conditions in which these animals suffer on fur factory farms lead to behaviors consistent with extreme psychological trauma such as rocking, head bobbing, self-mutilation, and even cannibalism. Wild animals trapped for their fur are caught in steel leg traps or in strangulation snares. Foxes caught in the jaws of a steel leg trap have been known to attempt to chew off their own feet in an attempt to escape.

Animals are beaten, electrocuted, or have their heads stomped on before being skinned. Undercover video investigations often show animals still breathing and flinching while being skinned. Many Gap, Inc. fur products are made in China, a country with virtually nonexistent animal cruelty laws. In a particularly gut-wrenching clip from a Chinese factory, a skinned animal lifts his head and looks into the camera.

Gap Inc. owns numerous stores including Banana Republic, Piperlime, Old Navy, Athleta — all of which seem to be fur-free. If they already claim to care about humane treatment of animals, why are they allowing their Intermix stores to keep selling so many fur coats, hats, gloves, and other accessories from animals killed all over the world?

I have reached out to Gap Inc. and it is clear that they care about the concerns of their customers. The same spokesperson who talked about humane treatment of animals also said they are “committed to our customers and welcome your feedback.” In my correspondence, I inquired about the possibility of removing fur from the shelves of all Gap Inc. stores. After agreeing to look into the issue and get back to me, I never heard from them again. A subsequent follow up email was also never returned. So that’s why I’m asking Gap Inc. to adopt a consistent fur-free policy across all its companies.

Please take a stand against the heartless slaughter of animals! Sign my petition and cease to shop at any Gap Inc. store until this corporation agrees to go fur free.

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Petition – Release Louie the Chimpanzee from Solitary Confinement

Via Care2

Release Louie the Chimpanzee from Solitary Confinement

Issues continue regarding the confinement of chimpanzees in various facilities, schools and zoos such as Louie that is allegedly being held at a facility known as the DeYoung Family Zoo in Michigan.  Louie was literally torn away from his mother when he was very young, probably not even weaned from nursing.  The goal was to take this tiny infant and use him in the entertainment field as a prop for photo sessions with humans.

You can read more about Louie at As you can see, this poor animal never had the opportunity to fully be nurtured by its mother and enjoy companionship of other chimps in their natural habitat.  Louie deserves a much better life than the solitary confinement of a crate, lacking in proper care.

Our efforts in this petition is to encourage the DeYoung Family Zoo officials to place Louie into a safe and reputable sanctuary so that he can live out his remaining years with proper care, companionship and enrichment that he deserves. This amazing animal needs our help in speaking out for its health and well-being.  You can aid us in our efforts by signing and sharing this petition. Let your voices be heard.

Petition – Ban the use of towbar dog crates

I only post petitions here that I would sign, that I fully agree with and support wholeheartedly.

Sometimes a petition comes along that makes my heart sink, a petition that I really wish was not necessary in the first place, and this is one.

Dogs are one of the most loving, loyal and kind-hearted creatures on the planet. If you own a dog, I would hope its because you love dogs, and your dog is part of your family. SO it seems inherently cruel and irresponsible to put a dog in a crate on a towbar – on the back of your car – for a journey. Continue reading

Petition – Ask Russia to leave monkeys out of the Space Race

via PETA:

Animals aren’t astronauts. Yet Russia is taking a giant step backward for science and ethics with a misguided mission to dispatch four monkeys to Mars.

There’s no reason to repeat the dark days of early space exploration, in which dogs, primates, and other animals died in horrific ways, including in crude experiments or all alone in a tiny spacecraft.

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Help Elephant Exploited in Texas for Cruel University Tradition! | Action Alerts | Actions | PETA

via Help Elephant Exploited in Texas for Cruel University Tradition! | Action Alerts | Actions | PETA.

elephantTexas A&M University boasts that its core values are excellence, integrity, leadership, respect, and selfless service—but these qualities are absent as the university moves forward with plans to continue an archaic tradition of exploiting elephants and supporting an industry of cruelty and abuse. The Elephant Walk, an event designed to pay homage to exiting seniors, has traditionally hosted a live elephant. Join PETA in urging Texas A&M to wake up to the age of compassion for others! Continue reading

Demand justice for baby ducklings thrown into a mincer at a foie gras factory – The Petition Site

via Demand justice for baby ducklings thrown into a mincer at a foie gras factory – The Petition Site.

Demand justice for baby ducklings thrown into a mincer at a foie gras factory

A video captured by an animal rights group at a foie gras factory in France shows workers throwing live ducklings into an industrial mincer.

According to a report by Newsweek, the clip illustrates the fate of as many as 40 million female ducks a year. Only male ducks are kept as they gain weight faster than their female counterparts.

The male ducks are used to make foie gras, a controversial foodstuff that draws heavy criticism for the cruel way that it is made.

The process of obtaining foie gras is so cruel it has been banned in Britain though imports from France are not restricted.

The remaining female ducklings are used to make anything from cat food to fertilisers.

The captured video shows workers sorting through thousands barely day old fluffy ducklings, throwing female birds into a large metal cylinder.

The ducklings appear to be dropped onto a second conveyor belt which allegedly takes them to their gruesome death.

The birds can be heard squeaking throughout their ordeal – this cruelty needs to be thoroughly investigated and stopped.

Please sign and share the petition to demand justice for millions of baby ducklings thrown into a mincer.

via Demand justice for baby ducklings thrown into a mincer at a foie gras factory – The Petition Site.

Petition · Please ensure dogs and cats who are “no longer required” are released by laboratories ·

Every year hundreds of cats and thousands of dogs suffer and die in cruel experiments in the UK. The BUAV believes this should end.

And there’s a further issue. Other animals may be used but are not killed as part of the experiment. Still others are bred for research but not used and considered ‘surplus to requirements.’ However, without any effort to release or find homes for them outside the laboratory, these animals are simply killed – denied the opportunity of freedom.

Bonnie and Billie, pictured above, are two female beagles used and discarded by an industry that treated them as nothing more than breeding machines to produce litter after litter of puppies for the research industry. In August 2013, they gave birth to 11 puppies, all of whom were used in an experiment and dead in just a few weeks. Bonnie and Billie, no longer serving a purpose, were due to be killed also.

However, they are the lucky ones – thanks to the BUAV they were saved from death, along with Oliver, a 5 month beagle puppy.

via Petition · Please ensure dogs and cats who are “no longer required” are released by laboratories ·