Speak out against the cruel Yulin dog meat festival

Petition via Humane Society International.

The Festival of Cruelty

Thousands of dogs and cats, many of them stolen pets, are captured and transported over long distances under horrific conditions to Yulin, a city in China’s Guangxi Autonomous Region. There, they’re held in crowded cages without food or water until they are brutally killed. Often, they are beaten and their throats are slit in front of other terrified animals. Most Chinese citizens reject this practice, and we’re committed to supporting them in ending the festival.

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UK Government/RSPCA – Create an Animal Cruelty Register in the UK

via Change.org, please sign and share the petition to create an Animal Cruelty Register in the UK. 

Narla was horrifically beaten by thug Craig McKinley in a shocking video footage that went viral on Facebook.

As an animal lover, who owns a dog just like Narla, I found the story highly upsetting. What shocked me is that these abusers and others like them will be able to own an animal again one day. There’s nothing to prevent them doing this again. Continue reading

Petition: Demand That MetLife Hold New York Blood Center Accountable for 67 Abandoned Chimps

As the New York Blood Center’s (NYBC) largest corporate donor, MetLife has the power to compel the organization to reinstate funding for the 67 chimpanzees who they abandoned with no food or water. 

For a 30 year period starting in the mid-1970s, NYBC conducted experiments on over 400 hundred chimpanzees in Liberia, where they could capture, breed and experiment on them with little regulatory oversight. When the research was complete, NYBC moved the survivors onto six islands in Liberia and one island in The Ivory Coast and made a public commitment to provide them with lifelong care. Continue reading

Stop the cruelty at Yulin

It breaks my heart to have to post these petitions about the Yulin dog ‘festival’. Please, please, sign and share this petition, this horrific practice needs to end NOW.

Petition via Humane Society International

main-featureRight now, across China and in the city of Yulin, thousands of dogs are being rounded up. Pets have been stolen, and strays are being snatched off the streets. Trucks and motorcycles are roaring into town with cages full of animals captured, some from thousands of miles away, others from nearby provinces… all in preparation for the annual Dog Meat Festival, just weeks away.
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Petition – Ask Russia to leave monkeys out of the Space Race

via PETA:

Animals aren’t astronauts. Yet Russia is taking a giant step backward for science and ethics with a misguided mission to dispatch four monkeys to Mars.

There’s no reason to repeat the dark days of early space exploration, in which dogs, primates, and other animals died in horrific ways, including in crude experiments or all alone in a tiny spacecraft.

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Petition – Ban Steel-Jaw Leghold Traps in the US

Ban Steel-Jaw Leghold Traps in the U.S.Steel-jaw leghold traps are nasty, cruel mechanical devices designed to grasp an animal by the leg using spring-operated metal jaws.

In their desperation to escape the pain and terror of being trapped, the captured animal will sometimes bite off the limb that has been caught.

The traps often catch unintended animals, including birds, pets, and animals of rare species.

Trappers kill millions of animals every year, but many of those animals were unintentionally trapped. They’re often refered to as “trash” animals because their fur isn’t worth any money.

About 100 countries – excluding the United States, Canada and Russia – have so far banned the use of leghold traps on the grounds that they are inhumane and indiscriminate. Britain (where they are called gin traps) was one of the first countries to outlaw them in the 1950’s, and the European Union banned steel-jaw leghold traps in 1995.

There is ample scientific evidence to show that even if an innocent animal survives the trapping, it often ends up with damaged tendons or ligaments in its efforts to escape. Trapped animals suffer from torsion injuries, fractures, soft tissue damage and other limb injuries. Innocent animals caught by mistake often have to be euthanized as a result.

Sign this petition to demand that Congress pass legislation to ban steel-jaw leghold traps in the United States.

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Petition : Tell Ellen DeGeneres to Remove Leather From Her Clothing Line!

Cows used for leather are castrated, burned, dehorned and generally tortured. Pigs have their tails cut off, ears mutilated and testicles cut out. All of these awful procedures happen without painkillers, not that any of them would be okay either way.

Ellen DeGeneres is the most beloved talk show host in America, possibly the world. But after years of proclaiming to be vegan and supporting animal rights, she has shockingly released a clothing line that features leather. Please sign the petition to urge Ellen DeGeneres to return to her stated vegan ethics and stop manufacturing any animal products in her name!
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Petition – Stop Bucks County Show from Promoting Fox Hunting


Bucks County Show has been running over 140 years & has become an iconic event for Bucks, its residents & those who travel from other counties. However, they continue to support fox hunting with dogs by inviting the local hunt each year to carry out ‘demonstrations’ whereby they are actively supporting & encouraging this barbaric bloodsport.
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Petition – Stop the horrific chuckwagon race & calf roping events at the Calgary stampede


The Calgary Stampede is still celebrating this year by killing more horses during Its chuckwagon race event – spurring outrage from animal advocates and calls to ban chuckwagon races for good.  Calf roping is another heartless event that damages the bodies/psyche of innocent calves that have no idea where they are, or why.

The accidents that lead to the deaths happen all-too regularly with horses being pushed past their limits, terrified and exhausted with all of the unknowns surrounding them.  Many horses die of heart failure or suffer strokes; while many others suffer severe injuries, and are instantly euthanized.

Calf roping is another tragic event that is held at the Calgary Stampede rodeo.  Calves, who should be with their mothers, resting and being nurtured, are released into the corral, caught around the throat/neck with strong ropes; jerked backward off their feet, and thrown to the ground onto their backs.  Their eyes bulge with terror, their hearts are damaged, and their necks are whiplashed/damaged beyond repair.  Their limbs are also damaged.  The psyche of these gentle, trusting creatures is shattered.

Despite recent attempts to improve safety, it’s clear that nothing can be done to ensure that horses/calves will not continue to be injured or killed for nothing more than entertainment in the future.

Please read more and sign the petition here.