Russia Prosecutor General, investigate mass murder and torture of LGBT people in Chechnya

—- Trigger warning: reference to homophobia and violence —-

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This week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, to investigate reports that gay men are being violently persecuted in the Russian region of Chechnya.

The news comes after a petition was started by gay rights activist Igor, in Moscow. Disturbed by reports that gay men were being rounded up, tortured and killed in the region, he started campaigning for the Russian Government to investigate these reports.

So far 351,000 people from around the world have signed the petition. Igor believes the news that Angela Merkel has intervened is a sign public pressure is working. Will you help him to keep up the pressure by supporting his campaign? Continue reading


Petition : Marriage is for everybody

German Chancellor Angela Merkel just said that marriage should only be “between a man and a woman”.

Chancellor Merkel, this statement makes second-class citizens of Germany’s committed gay and lesbian couples. 73% of Germans support marriage equality. Listen to them: give everyone in Germany the right to marry the person they love.

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