Protect journalists who revealed abuse of gay men in Chechnya

Campaign via Amnesty International

Journalists at independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta are in grave danger, after they exposed reports of the shocking treatment of more than 100 gay men in Chechnya, a Russian Republic in the North Caucasus. Leading Chechen authorities have since publicly called for the journalists to be punished. The paper has voiced fear for the safety of its staff. Continue reading


Pinned Post – End the Shame and Stigma for Survivors of Domestic, Mental, Physical and Sexual Abuse

Please sign and share My Petition Here.

End the StigmaI believe that anyone who has been the victim of abuse should be able to come forward and get support for what they have been through.

Please sign and share my petition to get people talking about abuse. 

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Stop Female Genital Cutting (warning: upsetting topic)

To: Lynne Featherstone MP

Dear Lynne,

I am writing to ask you to make it a PRIORITY to stop all Female Genital Cutting in Britain NOW. As responsible and caring adults it is our duty to protect ALL our children. FGC is a barbaric and sadistic practice usually carried out with no anaesthetic. How can we allow this torture of small defenceless children to go on!?

We regularly prosecute people for treating animals cruelly – and yet not one single person has been prosecuted for cutting off the genitals of young girls! This is an unbelievable situation which we cannot allow to continue!


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