Prioritizing Menstrual Hygiene Management is Key to Ensuring Girls Can Stay in School


It’s a fact: everyone wins when girls and women access a full education. Educated girls and women are shown to have better maternal health and they are better equipped to raise healthier and more educated children.

And when a country increases its number of women educated through the second grade by 1%, it also raises its annual per capita economic growth by 0.3%.


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Stop Sexual Violence in Conflict and Emergencies for the Yazidi Community

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Sexual violence in conflict and emergency zones is a serious, present-day atrocity affecting millions of people, primarily women and girls. It has long been used as a tactic of war and employed on a large scale by armed groups to humiliate opponents, terrify individuals and destroy societies.

  • Between 250,000 and 500,000 women were raped during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.
  • Sexual violence was a characterizing feature of the 14-year long civil war in Liberia.
  • In the Democratic Republic of Congo approximately 1,100 rapes are being reported each month, with an average of 36 women and girls raped every day. It is believed that over 200,000 women have suffered from in the Democratic Republic of Congo since armed conflict began in the country.

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Sign the Open Letter Calling on Your Local Candidate to Support International Aid

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NoneWhether the next UK Prime Minister is Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, or Tim Farron – the impact of the new government will have ripple effects not just in Britain, but worldwide.

For the last year, some of the media’s most powerful voices have been criticising the UK’s compassion and generosity. As children flee bombs in Syria, starve in Yemen, and suffer the unjust effects of poverty worldwide, the Daily Mail calls the UK’s international aid budget “bloated”, “obscene”, and “madness”. Now is the time to speak up.

And here is just one reason why:When I was 8 months pregnant, he punished me… he took me up to the pond and forced me into the water up to my neck. It was freezing cold. Then he bandaged all my joints, my knees and elbows, in old cloths and beat them with a hammer.”

This is Rekha’s story. As a woman in Bangladesh, she experienced abuse and violence in her marriage – until our international aid budget helped her break free.  Attending a local women’s rights group – part-funded by UK aid – Rekha escaped the cycle of abuse and now leads other women to do the same.

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Girls as young as young as six are being held in sexual slavery by Islamic State

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Call On The UN Human Rights Commissioner To Establish A Commission Of Inquiry That Collects Evidence


Nadia Murad was taken as a sex slave by Islamic State (ISIS) militants, when they invaded the Sinjar district of northern Iraq in mid-2014, killing more than 3,000 Yazidi civilians and capturing up to 7,000. Nadia saw her brothers killed and was held captive, like many other Yazidi women and girls, for months before escaping.

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India Must Have a National Sex Offender Registry

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I feel really angry!

A man sexually assaulted hundreds of schoolgirls over 12 years. He was arrested once for 6 months but after he got out of jail, he continued raping young girls. Some of them were just 9-years-old.
How can we as a society let this happen?

I am a 26-year-old working woman and I feel appalled by the fact that every 20 minutes a woman is raped in India.


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Creating fake online profiles for sex is fraud. Make Catfishing a crime!

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Last year I was in love with a man I had met online. After 14 months, I discovered that the man I was in a relationship with ‘Antony Ray’ was using a fake identity. He had created a fake profile. Turns out he was married and even had a dedicated phone for ‘conquests’ from his fake life. He took advantage of my trust and took away my right to choose. Had I known, I would never have consented to a sexual relationship with a married man, let alone a man who was actively having relations with multiple women simultaneously. Continue reading

Urgent repeal on “Rape Clause” – Justice for rape victims

Forcing women to disclose details of rape is inhumane. Recent changes to tax credits mean mothers can only get the financial support they need for a maximum of 2 children.

For a mother to get this for a third or additional child conceived as a result of rape, she will now have to prove her rape and have it “verified” by a third party. This policy is shameful and needs to be scrapped URGENTLY.

Tax credits are an incentive given to those who need it – meaning that they are able to use tax money for other means.  This new part of the policy, was introduced by the UK government on the 6th April 2017, without a Parliamentary vote despite opposition from other MP’s, women’s rights campaigners and charities.

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Join us in calling on world leaders to step up and meet the need for women’s health.


On his first full day in office, the US President signed an executive order reimposing and expanding the “Global Gag Rule”, a policy that has been in place under many Republican White Houses. The rule strips over USD $600 million in funding for women’s health programs around the world.

The US Administration says the gag rule prohibits US government funding of organizations that provide access to, or information about, abortions. Yet, many of these organizations also provide access to contraceptives, maternal health services, cervical cancer screenings, routine vaccinations and HIV/AIDS prevention. This will by extension cut funds to a broad range of women’s health services. Continue reading

Petition : Abandon plans to force women to prove they were raped before they get benefits

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Abandon plans to force women to prove they were raped before they get benefits

According to George Osborne’s budget, a woman who has a third child as the result of rape must justify her position in order to avoid losing tax credits.

This will mean a woman having to prove she was raped to a government official before she can get benefits.

In addition to the main problem with the policy outline above, the whole plan to restrict child tax credits to 2 children is nothing short of social engineering akin to a Chinese-style “two child policy” dictating to the public what sort of family life they should have.

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Stop Charging Rape Victims for Forensic Physical Exams! – The Petition Site

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Stop Charging Rape Victims for Forensic Physical Exams!Sexual assault victims in Louisiana are being forced to pay out of pocket for their own forensic physical exams. The expenses run into the thousands. A New Orleans woman was questioned and photographed for six hours while nurses collected tissue samples, drew blood and offered medication to prevent pregnancy and STDs.

Eight days after the traumatic ordeal, she received a bill for nearly $2,000. She owed $600 after insurance. If this weren’t bad enough, she received a second bill a few days later, charging an additional $1,700, including an $860 fee for an emergency room visit.

Rape is a crime, and a rape victim’s care and treatment should not be her financial responsibility.

via Stop Charging Rape Victims for Forensic Physical Exams! – The Petition Site.