Protect Sherwood Forest

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Sherwood forest, home to ancient trees, rare wildlife and Robin Hood is in danger. A huge energy company, Ineos, is trying to get permission to explore underneath it for gas. Britain’s most famous woodland could soon be filled with lorries, heavy machinery and explosions. Continue reading


End plastic pollution now!

Petition via Avaaz

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

All while massive corporations like Pepsi make billions packaging and selling water no different than most of us can get from our kitchen sink. Continue reading

Supermarkets to go zero waste (free of plastic packaging)

 Whilst the plastic bag charge in the UK has decreased use of bags, with figures reporting between 78 and 85% reduction, still the use of plastic in food packaging is huge. Most of this waste goes into landfill and this is not acceptable.

Opting for food without plastic packaging could be a huge relief for our limited resources, however until the supermarkets change their packaging this is going to be difficult for consumers who frequently go for convenience in our ‘one stop shop’ age.

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Petition: Don’t Poison Iconic Lake Superior for Bacon

Don't Poison Iconic Lake Superior for Bacon

Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes in North America, is being threatened by a HUGE possible pig farm for over 26,000 pigs.

Runoff from the farm could pollute Lake Superior — a key source of drinking water for the neighboring city of Ashland. The city’s water security is already strained by beach bacteria. Residents shouldn’t be inconvenienced by the stench of pig waste that can also make them sick.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) plans to do a full environmental impact study of the possible pig farm; even though the environmental consequences of pig farms are already documented. Next, the agency will ask for the public’s input.

But this process will take months. Care2 members don’t have to wait months to voice their opposition. Sign and share this petition NOW demanding that the Wisconsin DNR protects our iconic Lake Superior. Is a piece of a bacon really worth more than a pig’s life of suffering, water for an entire city and the risk of pollution of an iconic freshwater lake?

Petition: Don’t Poison Iconic Lake Superior for Bacon.