About Me


Hi! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Tess, and this blog is where I share all the petitions I feel strongly about. I have signed each and every one of them myself, and hope you will too. Together we CAN make a difference, we just have to take that small action TOGETHER.

About me


I’m a mum of one from the North East of England and I work in the charity sector.

I’ve been an activist for many years, volunteered with Amnesty International and The Scout Association, and I also run my own online store which helps charities to raise funds and awareness.

I’ve signed over 770 petitions in the last few years, including petitions concerning:

  • Human, animal, children’s and women’s rights
  • Rights of Indigenous People
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Mental health issues
  • Sexual health and abuse
  • Arms and nuclear weapons

and many more. Petitions DO bring change, so please sign them, share them, forward them, talk about them. Let’s make things better, let’s make a difference.