UK: Protect the Children of Yemen from Starvation

Petition via Avaaz

A child in Yemen dies every ten minutes. But Yemen’s kids aren’t just starving to death: they are being starved. Deliberately.

And our government is one of the biggest suppliers of arms to the coalition doing it.

For two years, British-made bombs have been falling from British-made planes as part of a Saudi-led coalition attacking Yemen. The same coalition is blocking aid into the country, where 4 in every 5 people need emergency assistance.

Insiders tell us that the government is increasingly nervous about public fall-out. If we can raise the pressure now, they could be pushed to get their allies to allow desperately needed food and medicine in. Join the urgent call to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to stop this shame.

Britain has sold over £3 billion of arms to Saudi Arabia during its killing spree in Yemen. Thousands of civilians have died, almost two-thirds of them in Saudi air strikes, and millions have been driven from their homes. Now, the country is on the verge of famine.

It’s obscene — the government trumpets its humanitarian aid to Yemen, but its complicity in the Saudi-led coalition and its willingness to put arms sales first means that Yemen’s misery has a “Made in Britain” label on it. But now a small group is taking the government to court for being in breach of the UN Arms Trade Treaty — shining a spotlight on Britain’s hypocrisy.

Let’s call on Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to use Britain’s close relationship with Saudi Arabia for good, for once, by persuading Saudi Arabia to let food and medicine into Yemen. Click to urge Johnson to be a statesman, not a salesman:

Click here to sign and share the petition

For More Information:
Yemen at ‘point of no return’ as conflict leaves almost 7 million close to famine (Guardian)

UK accused of ‘blatant double standards’ over Saudi Arabia relations amid comparisons to Isis brutality (Independent)

U.N. Warns Yemen Could Be on Brink of Famine (Foreign Policy)


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