Demand punishment for man who kept dog as a sex slave

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A man who kept a pitbull as a sex-slave has managed to avoid any charges, prompting people to set up a petition to demand that he be locked up.

Locals in the city of Salavat in Russia called police when they saw the man raping his dog in the park. However, police refused to get involved, leaving the traumatised witness no option but to contact a group of animal rights activities who rescued the dog and rushed it to the vets, the Sun reports.

The dog had to undergo three operations after suffering with severe internal injuries. A vet had to work on the dog for almost three hours and, initially, the team thought it might be better to put the dog to sleep.

However, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is now recovering after his operation and is said to be doing well. The dog lives with Elena Zhdanova, an animal rights worker, who said: “He is really getting better. He regained his appetite and finally managed to relieve himself as well.”

Police arrested and questioned the owner but it was decided they wouldn’t press charges and he was fined £30 for offending public decency.

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