Please sign the “Don’t Buy Wild” Pledge!

Below is an email I received from Humane Society International, regarding the new ‘Finding Dory’ film. As we all know, after ‘Finding Nemo’ was released kids everywhere naturally wanted there own little ‘Nemo’ fish, and this led to many of these creatures being removed from the wild to sell to parents – leading to a decline in the number of clownfish in the oceans. We certainly don’t want to see a repeat of that, another species reduced dramatically because of a movie. So please read the message and sign the pledge – and remember its not just about fish, there are many rescued animals in need of a good home so please get your pets from shelters and not from breeders, pet shops, etc.

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“Finding Dory,” the film about Nemo’s adorably forgetful fish friend, will make its way onto movie screens this summer. What’s bound to be a sweet tale about Dory finding her family will unfortunately lead many people to search for their own Dory as a pet.

But a fish tank is not where these animals belong. Wild fish should stay in the ocean.

After the release of “Finding Nemo” in 2003, many people bought clownfish to have their own Nemo in their households—so many, in fact, that it led to a measurable decline in wild populations. We must prevent this from happening again.

Blue tang fish, like Dory, must stay in the wild where they belong. Please show your support by taking the Don’t Buy Wild pledge.

Most marine or salt water fish found in pet stores are taken from the wild, although fresh water fish who are mostly captive-bred are available. Blue tangs, like Dory, are not bred in captivity for the aquarium trade, which means that all the blue tangs you see for sale were caught on coral reefs, further harming these animals and their endangered habitats.

Consumers also need to know that blue tangs may be sold as young, small fish but they grow to the size of a dinner plate as adults. At this size, they require an aquarium the size of a couch! Wild fish are better left in the ocean.

Help us spread the message about Dory and the blue tang’s need to remain free. Take a stand with our Don’t Buy Wild pledge and ask your friends to do the same.

Thank you for caring about animals.


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