Petition: Pernicious Anaemia – Remove restrictions on Vitamin B12 jabs

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Pernicious Anaemia (sometimes referred to as B12 deficiency) is a serious, life-threatening chronic illness. Sufferers need regular intra-muscular injections to stay alive. It affects every part of your body including your immune system, muscles, brain, organs and is essential for cell renewal. Without injections every part of the body begins to break down until eventually the patient will die. Yet the NHS only offer one injection every three months, regardless of the severity of symptoms.

The official guidelines for treatment in the UK is for an injection to be given every other day until symptoms improve. Yet GP’s routinely insist on just ONE injection every THREE MONTHS – thats 4 treatments per year versus the recommended 182. And some GP’s refuse to treat it at all!

This needs to stop – the mediciation for Pernicious Anaemia is cheap, non-toxic and impossible to overdose on. Most sufferers can treat themselves, meaning the cost of this treatment to the NHS is minimal. However, without the regular treatment, the sufferer will be in and out of hospital and require endless treatments on their symptoms, costing a fortune to the NHS.

Please, whether you suffer from this condition or not, sign and share the petition to help sufferers get the treatment they desperately need.

Petition text:1 in 1000 people in this country suffer from this vitamin deficiency, the injection costs 55 pence and yet the NHS limits patients to 4 per year, why? In an age when more expensive treatments are freely sanctioned why is this cheap and effective treatment to thousands restricted. It makes no sense either economically or from a health perspective. Please help to change it.

Sign and share the petition here

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