Stop polar bear hunting as a sport!

Stop polar bear hunting as a sport!

via Care2/Petitionsite

People are spending a lot of money at Alaskan Hunting Safaris By Rick Herscher to hunt polar bears for trophies. Polar bears are not an endangered species, and it is not illegal to hunt them, but they are being threatened. These beautiful creatures of the north are disappearing mainly because of global warming, but also because of the impact humans are having on them.

Polar bear hunting is a legal running sport throughout northern Canada and Alaska. People pay lots of money to go out on guided trips for hunting. Seven people usually go out and most come back with trophies. Thankfully there are limited amounts of permits for polar bear hunting.

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2 thoughts on “Stop polar bear hunting as a sport!

  1. Hello Teresa,
    Your article is not accurate – or at the very least, it’s misleading. People do not “pay lots of money” on guided hunting trips for polar bears in Alaska. In fact, only Native Alaskans (Indians, Aleuts and Eskimos) are permitted to hunt polar bears in Alaska. Further, although there is a very limited trophy polar bear hunt in Canada, since 2008, the U.S. has banned the importation of polar bear skins, claws, and heads from Canada, consequently limiting the incentive for U.S. citizens to engage in these hunts. Canada is home to about two thirds of the world’s polar bear population, roughly 16,000 polar bears. The small number of polar bears killed in trophy hunts has no discernible impact on the overall population. Meanwhile, these hunts bring substantial income into Native communities that provide guides.
    The bottom line is that hunting is not threatening this species.
    If you want to help polar bears, rather than promulgate a meaningless petition, you can take these Earth-friendly steps in your own life:
    – locate your residence close to where you work and shop and then walk or bike rather than taking a car or other vehicle.
    – don’t use air conditioning
    – purchase locally sourced food and other goods
    – and since the root of environmental degradation is human overpopulation, limit your fertility rates and urge governments to stop subsidizing large families.
    Jack & Barbra


    • Hi Jack and Barbra. Thank you for your comments, I’d like to take the opportunity to answer some of your concerns. Firstly, I did not write this article, it features on the Care 2 Petition website. And while hunting permits are only offered to Alaskan residents, those residents can sell their permits to anyone globally. And there are many companies who offer guided hunting of many animals – including Polar Bears – in Alaska. A quick Google search brought up many of them, including the one this petition is aimed at, Alaskan Hunting Safaris By Rick Herscher. While it may be prohibited to bring your ‘trophy’ back to many countries, that doesnt stop people wanting to go somewhere for the ‘thrill’ of murdering a creature. While you may claim that the small number of deaths doesn’t affect the species as a whole, I disagree. Many of those killed are parents, leaving their cubs defenceless against nature and predators – that small figure could increase dramatically when you take that into account. However, I personally feel that ONE murdered polar bear (or any other animal) is too many, hunting for ‘sport’ is barbaric, inhumane and completely unnecessary. It’s not about the environment, it is about every creatures right to a safe life.


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