Petition: Big supermarkets: Put an end to misleading pricing


We’re fed up with big supermarkets using underhand tactics to get us to part with our money. A leading supermarket sold handwash at £1.80 for just 7 days. Then, they put it on a ‘was £1.80, now 90p’ offer for 12 weeks. Feel like a real saving? We don’t think so.

We’re not putting up with this or other similar tactics any more. Enough is enough.

Last year Which? made a super complaint to the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) to tackle these misleading offers. The CMA found hundreds of misleading offers on shelves.

We need your support to keep the pressure on the CMA to take action. Shoppers deserve to be protected against the misleading pricing tactics of big supermarkets.

Please sign our petition today. Together we can take a stand and make sure you can trust the prices you see.

Sign and Share: petition: Big supermarkets: Put an end to misleading pricing


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