Petition – Please ask RVC to stop breeding diseased animals for experiments

dead pheasants

A new series of experiments, designed to advance human medicine, is planned to start soon at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC). They will involve introducing laboratory-manufactured genetic material into dogs who have been bred at the college with the canine version of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. It is understood that these poor animals appear ‘clumsy’, have an abnormal gait and, after exercise, become stiff. They will be killed when they are approximately 18 months old – only a tenth of the life of a healthy beagle – in order to prevent their condition worsening.  

That these dogs are being deliberately bred with a genetic weakness is shocking enough, but the outrage is compounded by the fact that the research is not intended to benefit animals and is being conducted by an establishment that, in most people’s minds, is synonymous with healing and helping animals.

Animal Aid has also discovered that the RVC has a programme of animal research that, every year, involves thousands of animals of many species, including mice, sheep, dogs, cats and pigs.

Please take action today, and let the Royal Veterinary College know that you are passionately opposed to all animal experiments conducted by College researchers. Tell them that you expect better of an establishment that says it is ‘wholly committed to animal health and welfare’.


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