Petition – Stop the Febuary Bull-Killing Event in Mexico

URGENT: Stop the February Bull-killing Event in Mexico!

via The Petition Site:

Sign this petition to speak out against the horrific torture and slaughter of bulls planned for early February in Tlacotalpan, Mexico.

In the Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria, people pour liquor down the bulls’ throats, then tie them to boats and drag them across a river. When they finally untie the bulls, crowds of people then chase after them, beating them and stabbing them with knives until they die.

Any bulls that remain alive are abandoned in pastures to die from their wounds.

This horrifying event was banned by the governor in 2006, but people in the town are still planning to carry out this murder.

You can see the horrifying event captured in the video below:

We have to act immediately if we have any hope of saving these bulls. Tlacotalpan, Mexico relies on tourism, so city officials will be sensitive to public opinion from abroad.

Please sign and share this petition to demand the Mexican government shut this event down once and for all — and help raise awareness about this heartless practice.


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