Petition – Release Louie the Chimpanzee from Solitary Confinement

Via Care2

Release Louie the Chimpanzee from Solitary Confinement

Issues continue regarding the confinement of chimpanzees in various facilities, schools and zoos such as Louie that is allegedly being held at a facility known as the DeYoung Family Zoo in Michigan.  Louie was literally torn away from his mother when he was very young, probably not even weaned from nursing.  The goal was to take this tiny infant and use him in the entertainment field as a prop for photo sessions with humans.

You can read more about Louie at As you can see, this poor animal never had the opportunity to fully be nurtured by its mother and enjoy companionship of other chimps in their natural habitat.  Louie deserves a much better life than the solitary confinement of a crate, lacking in proper care.

Our efforts in this petition is to encourage the DeYoung Family Zoo officials to place Louie into a safe and reputable sanctuary so that he can live out his remaining years with proper care, companionship and enrichment that he deserves. This amazing animal needs our help in speaking out for its health and well-being.  You can aid us in our efforts by signing and sharing this petition. Let your voices be heard.


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