Petition – Ban the use of towbar dog crates

I only post petitions here that I would sign, that I fully agree with and support wholeheartedly.

Sometimes a petition comes along that makes my heart sink, a petition that I really wish was not necessary in the first place, and this is one.

Dogs are one of the most loving, loyal and kind-hearted creatures on the planet. If you own a dog, I would hope its because you love dogs, and your dog is part of your family. SO it seems inherently cruel and irresponsible to put a dog in a crate on a towbar – on the back of your car – for a journey. Aside from the fact that this must be terrifying and stressful for a dog – how would you like it? – its unbelievably irresponsible and dangerous. At the moment, they are not for sale in the UK, though you can buy them in Ireland and they have been seen in other countries. Please sign the following petition, lets make sure this doesn’t come to the UK and let’s protect our furry family members.



It has come to our notice regarding dogs being transported by their owners in horrific carriers or crates on the towbar of their cars.

It seems that in many countries dogs are cruelly transported this way either on converted bicycle/luggage crates or specially designed “dog towbar carriers”.

We think this is totally wrong, dangerous, very stressful for any dog not to mention the cruelty aspect.

Specially designed towbar crates of various designs are already for sale in Ireland in steel, wood or plastic. 

We are asking everyone to sign and beg our Government to ban these barbaric means of transportation before they become available for sale and use in the UK.

Thank you for your support,  K9 Rescue.


About K9 Rescue – Our vision: a world where dog welfare matters and cruelty has ended. K9 Rescue’s mission is to tackle cruelty to dogs in Eastern Europe with our work primarily in Bulgaria where we originated. We believe in empowering local independent rescuers and grass-roots charities by encouragement and development of their skills for self-sufficiency in animal welfare, with a focus on eliminating the future need of foreign NGO’s by creating the framework for better animal care, through animal welfare education of the public as well as through veterinary training. With your support, we campaign effectively to change the most intense and large-scale dog welfare issues. We bring about lasting change by: – helping people understand the critical importance of good dog welfare – encouraging nations to commit to animal-friendly practices – supporting the better treatment of animals through our vet training programme – supporting spay/neuter programmes for the humane management of stray dog populations



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