Petition- Don’t Fine Homeless People!!

Via Care2:

Chelmsford City Council want to fine homeless people for sleeping rough on our city’s streets. Join us, the caring citizens of Chelmsford, to respectively request that the council find a productive and less punishing approach to helping homeless people in Chelmsford. 

People without a home are fellow human beings who, for whatever reason, find themselves in a very difficult situation. Implementing the fine system is not a compassionate or sensible response. It can only result in a huge waste of tax payers money, and is futile.

Instead of penalising people who are without a home, we suggest that Chelmsford City Council use tax payers money in a more productive way and provide more support for those local charities who are struggling to cope with the rising demand for shelter.

Please sign the petition and let the council know that we want our vulnerable homeless citizens to receive care and support, not further financial strain and punishment. 


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