NSPCC Campaign – Help make changes happen

As a mother, as a human being, I think it’s a horrifying thought that over 500,000 children are abused in the UK annually and aren’t receiving the help they need to overcome what has happened to them. They are just children. All children deserve the best start to life, to be kept safe and healthy, to be brought up into good adults. But for some children, their childhoods are traumatic to say the least. They deserve to be helped after such an awful ordeal, they deserve a second chance at that best start to life. So please visit the campaign page, sign the form to show your support – it will take two minutes out of your day (less time than reading the news or drinking a coffee), but it could change a child’s life for the better. Thank you.

Via the NSPCC Campaign:

We have a choice about how a child’s life is shaped after abuse. Every year, over half a million children are abused in the UK. Yet we leave the majority without the support services that could help them overcome their ordeal. With your help we can change this.

The NSPCC is campaigning for government to improve the support available to every child who has been abused so that they have the best chance to rebuild their life. If you believe that it’s time to demand every child receives the support they need, ask your MP to raise the issue with Rt. Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health.

Vsit the page and sign to show your support.


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