Petition – Tell Whole Foods to stop LYING and treat their farm animals better!

Whole Foods are a grocery firm in America who claim to have a ‘5-step animal welfare rating’ to show you ‘your way of knowing how the animals were raised for the meat you are buying’. This is the photograph that accompanies their 5-step webpage (

Cows in open fieldThey claim that if you are buying their chicken, beef, pork or turkey, that you can be assured that the focus of their farmers is on the welfare of their animals. They state that they follow ‘specific husbandry and management practices that promote farm-animal welfare’.

This is their claim:

Animal Welfare Rating System












Now lets compare their claims with what PETA found. The following text is from an email received recently from PETA.

Do you or your parents shop at Whole Foods? Have you seen their signs promoting their “5-Step™” animal welfare program and thought maybe this meat was better or somehow OK? Well, it’s not.

Here’s what a PETA observer found at one Whole Foods supplier: The only time the pigs were ever outside was when they were moved from one shed to another, put on a scale to be weighed, or trucked to slaughter. Some pigs were kept in semi-darkness deep inside a barn.

The website for this so-called “humane” pork supplier shows photos of cute piglets and fluffy sheep in green fields. The owners reference their “unwavering commitment to the humane treatment of our animals” and refer to their products as “happy meat.”

Do they look happy to you?

PETA’s observer also documented the following:

  • Workers hit pigs who were being loaded for slaughter, including with a hard plastic board.
  • More than 20 pigs were tightly packed into a metal trailer on a hot day more than 24 hours before they were hauled to slaughter for Whole Foods—just because the manager didn’t want to wait another day to clear straw out of a pen. They had no choice but to stand or sit on top of each other for much of that time.
  • A manager grabbed and lifted screaming pigs weighing over 70 pounds by their ears.
  • Agitated, frustrated pigs fought and bit each other’s tails, sometimes causing bloody wounds.

There’s no such thing as “humane” meat. These and other pigs need the truth to be told. Sign the petition asking Whole Foods to stop misleading customers now!

I appreciate that neither I, nor the majority of my readers, live in the US, but I believe animal cruelty matters no matter where it occurs. Even if you didn’t think that, don’t you feel sick that a company thinks its ok to LIE to you like that? Looking at PETA’s evidence, there is not a thing on the Whole Foods ‘5-step’ page that is true!

So lets all sign this petition, lets force Whole Foods to stop their outright LIES and animal cruelty.


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