Petition – Save Bison Lives with a New Home on the Range

Save Bison Lives with a New Home on the Range

The American bison is one of the most iconic and majestic animals in the world. A symbol of the power of nature, these mighty creatures were almost hunted to extinction in the last century before being rescued and proved sanctuary in Yellowstone National Park.

Now Yellowstone’s growing bison population is at risk again — this time from misguided and ill-founded government policies that have sent more than 700 bison to the slaughterhouse since January 2015.

Ranchers, fearful the park’s wild bison will transmit diseases to their cattle, have successfully lobbied for policies that require officials to round up and kill any bison that strays from the park. Even Yellowstone itself is no longer safe for bison — government agents have captured hundreds of the animals and shipped them off to slaughter in an effort to control the park’s growing bison herd.

Yellowstone’s bison are running out of room, and it’s becoming a matter of life and death. Proposals to reintroduce these ecologically important animals to other public lands and to Native American tribes that wish to see the animal returned to their lands have stalled.

Will you help bison find a new home on the range? Urge US Department of the Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to relocate some of Yellowstone’s bison to more public and tribal lands in the American West.

Please sign and share the petition here.


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