Dogs and cats petition | Cruelty Free International

The Government has announced today a cruel beagle breeding farm in Yorkshire can expand.


This decision means that thousands of dogs could be bred by Bantin & Kingman Ltd in the picturesque hamlet of Grimston – to suffer and die in experiments in the UK and Europe. It’s deeply disappointing.

Bantin & Kingman has been attempting to extend its Yorkshire beagle farm since at least 2011.


In January, their Italian sister company Green Hill, saw three executives convicted of animal cruelty at a similar beagle breeding farm.  


Bantin & Kingman not only shares the same parent company as Green Hill – Ghislaine Rondot, one of the executives to receive a prison sentence in Italy for animal cruelty, was also its Director.

Please sign the petition, show the government that we condemn their decision in the strongest possible terms. 3.554 puppies and dogs suffered and died in 4,779 experiments in Britain in 2013 – let’s stop this from happening, let’s end the misery suffered by thousands of dogs who spend their days confined inside laboratories.


Please sign the petition calling for a ban on the use of dogs and cats in UK laboratories now.

Dogs and cats petition | Cruelty Free International.


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