Petition – Stop the horrific chuckwagon race & calf roping events at the Calgary stampede


The Calgary Stampede is still celebrating this year by killing more horses during Its chuckwagon race event – spurring outrage from animal advocates and calls to ban chuckwagon races for good.  Calf roping is another heartless event that damages the bodies/psyche of innocent calves that have no idea where they are, or why.

The accidents that lead to the deaths happen all-too regularly with horses being pushed past their limits, terrified and exhausted with all of the unknowns surrounding them.  Many horses die of heart failure or suffer strokes; while many others suffer severe injuries, and are instantly euthanized.

Calf roping is another tragic event that is held at the Calgary Stampede rodeo.  Calves, who should be with their mothers, resting and being nurtured, are released into the corral, caught around the throat/neck with strong ropes; jerked backward off their feet, and thrown to the ground onto their backs.  Their eyes bulge with terror, their hearts are damaged, and their necks are whiplashed/damaged beyond repair.  Their limbs are also damaged.  The psyche of these gentle, trusting creatures is shattered.

Despite recent attempts to improve safety, it’s clear that nothing can be done to ensure that horses/calves will not continue to be injured or killed for nothing more than entertainment in the future.

Please read more and sign the petition here.


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