Care 2 Petition | No to anti-homeless spikes in Leeds

Tell McDonalds to Remove Anti-Homeless Spikes

via Care 2 | Petition | No to anti-homeless spikes in Leeds

Homelessness is one of the worst injustices within our society, having a place to live should be a right not a privilege. Anti-homeless spikes just show complete disregard and lack of respect for homeless people who struggle every day.

In Briggate, Leeds, UK, outside McDonalds, spikes have been installed, presumably to prevent people sleeping there. The fact that the spikes exist shows how little people care about homeless people — image and customers are apparently more important than giving someone with nothing some shelter.

Every time I’m in Leeds I see many ignore homeless people, not even bothering to smile at them let alone try to help them or give charity. I cannot imagine how painful and lonely it must be to be homeless. They deserve our attention and care, this issue cannot be ignored.

Please sign the petition now to tell McDonald’s and Leeds City Council to remove the spikes from outside the McDonald’s store. If enough people sign, McDonald’s and the Council will see that the spikes are damaging McDonald’s reputation much more than homeless people sleeping in their doorway would do.

David Wells said on Twitter: “These anti-homeless studs are like the spikes they use to keep pigeons off buildings. The destitute [are] now considered vermin”.

Homelessness charities say metal studs have been used to deter rough sleepers for more than a decade. This needs to stop now.

via Care 2 | Petition | No to anti-homeless spikes in Leeds


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