#SaveOurMonkeys – Please speak out

Help #SaveOurMonkeysRight now there are thousands of monkeys held captive in the breeding farms of Mauritius. They will spend their lives producing babies, like these two monkeys known only as CM27 and CM28 who were exported from Mauritius to a research laboratory  in Europe. Three months later they were dead. They never got to experience a life in the wild and sadly never will.In the three short months these monkeys were at the laboratory, they experienced unimaginable suffering.A ‘head chamber’ was surgically implanted into their skulls, resulting in swelling and bleeding  wounds which became infected with MRSA.Clearly distressed by the foreign objects implanted into their heads, the monkeys often picked at their wounds, obviously in great discomfort. After being used in one last experiment, they were both killed on 4th December 2013, they were only 5 years old.

December 4th, marks the one year anniversary of their deaths. Sadly, it’s too late for them, but we don’t want them to be simply forgotten. We want to use this time to raise awareness about the plight of the many thousands of other monkeys who are still confined inside the breeding farms of Mauritius awaiting their fate. Will you help us?

We need to speak out for the monkeys of Mauritius and ensure that the sad lives of those like CM27 and CM28 were not in vain. Their lives were ones  of misery and suffering but you can help our campaign to save others from the same fate.

Read more at : BUAV/Thunderclap

Find out more and sign the petition : www.saveourmonkeys.mu

Contact the Mauritious PM,  Navinchandra Ramgoolam, via the petition here : www.change.org


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