Petition – Namibia: Don’t De-Horn Rhinos for Profit!

Please sign the petition at Care2.

Namibia: Don't De-Horn Rhinos for Profit!

The Namibian government has been cutting the horns off rhinos in national parks and private conservation reserves in an attempt to deter poachers. Poachers have killed 14 of Namibia’s rhinos so far this year to sell their horns for use in unscientific Chinese medicine that has never been proven to improve any ailment.

While the government’s actions may be well intentioned, cutting off the rhino’s horns strips them of all the protection they have against poachers. In a disturbing twist, the government is seeking permission from the United Nations to sell the horns for profit, undermining their claim that they have the rhinos’ best interests at heart.

Please sign the petition to urge the Namibian government to focus their efforts on controlling poachers without stripping rhinos of their natural defense and beauty.


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