End Fashion Cruelty

Our investigators went undercover in China to let you know what’s really going on at fox and raccoon dog farms. Here’s what they found:

  • Raccoon dog fur is labelled “Asiatic raccoon fur” in the U.S., so consumers do not know they’re buying clothing made from canids — a family that also includes domestic dogs.
  • To get the raccoon dogs’ fur, workers attached two metal bars to a car battery; one bar was inserted into the mouth, while the other was inserted into the anus. The shock was strong enough to paralyze, but not kill — so the animals were skinned alive.
  • For their entire lives, raccoon dogs were kept isolated in cages barely larger than their own bodies; almost every one exhibited signs of mental or physical illness.
  • Designers Fendi, Alice and Olivia, and Adrienne Landau all sell raccoon dog fur sourced from China.

It’s up to people like to you stop buying from companies that sell fur, and to let them know that this treatment of animals is simply unacceptable. By signing our petition and donating to the EndFashionCruelty campaign, you’ll help send the message loud and clear: Torturing raccoon dogs and other animals for fashion is not OK.

Rabbit farms

Fashion designers want you to believe that their rabbit fur comes from humane sources, but our undercover investigation shows a different story: These social, sensitive animals live in misery before they are brutally killed.

Click here to learn what really goes on at cruel rabbit farms and slaughterhouses, and how you can help stop it.

Raccoon dogs & foxes

Raccoon dogs are from the canid family, just like the domestic dogs you know and love. But because their furs are labelled “Asiatic raccoon” in stores, shoppers never know what they’re really buying. Worse, these animals are treated with extreme neglect and violence.

Foxes are highly intelligent animals, and capable of incredible tenderness (as seen when they raise their young). Yet these creatures endure unimaginable cruelty on fur farms, where they may be starved, kept in tiny cages and anally electrocuted before they are skinned for their fur.

Please read more, watch the video, and sign the petition at the site here, and share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Petition aimed at: Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Diane von Furstenberg, Fendi, Alice + Olivia, Adrienne Landau

I am appalled by the severe cruelty documented by Last Chance for Animals’ and Animal Equality’s investigations, as presented in their video exposés of rabbit, raccoon dog and fox farms. I am deeply disturbed that your company, which people all over the world look to for fashion inspiration, makes clothing with fur.

The evidence shows:

• Rabbits on the investigated farms are confined to tiny cages with wire floors, where they are forced to spend their entire lives in misery. Sick rabbits are bashed to death.
• Rabbits with gaping wounds and crippling illnesses are left in isolation to suffer with no medical treatment.
• Raccoon dogs on the investigated farms suffer from severe mental and physical illnesses.
• Raccoon dogs are electrocuted via two bars attached to a car battery. One bar is inserted in the mouth, the other into the anus. The shock paralyzes them, and then workers skin the animals alive.
• Raccoon dog fur is misleadingly labelled “Asiatic raccoon fur,” even though these are animals are canids and not related to raccoons.

This barbaric treatment of living creatures is inhumane and should not be tolerated in a civilized society. I urge you to discontinue making garments from animal fur, and instead use synthetic materials that offer a similar feel. With such alternatives available, there is simply no excuse to use fur.

Until you have fully halted sales of all fur, I refuse to purchase any clothing from your company.

Your Sincerely,


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