No forest destruction for coal! Justice for the people of Borneo!

Deep in the heart of Borneo, communities and local activists are mobilising against a dangerous new threat to their livelihoods.

BHP-Billiton is planning to build massive coal mines stretching over an area more than twice the size of London, destroying some of the last pockets of primary rainforest in Borneo and contributing to runaway climate change.

This would deprive indigenous peoples of their customary land and pollute water sources upon which millions depend. The area also provides a habitat for orangutans, pygmy elephants and numerous other rare and endangered species.

All of this could be at risk if BHP Billiton builds massive open cast coal mines deep inside this remarkable forest. An associated railway would open up even more of the rainforest to destructive mining.

Villagers living near BHP-Billiton’s first mine in the area have reported receiving a paltry half a UK penny per square metre for their customary forest which was taken by BHP Billiton.

It’s not too late to stop this! BHP Billiton’s annual meeting will take place in London on 23 October and in Adelaide on 20 November. Let’s send BHP Billiton a strong message: no forest destruction for coal!

Take action now to call on BHP Billiton to put a stop to this project and ensure the area’s permanent protection.

via World Development Movement


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