Stop Testing Botox on Animals

Botox is a cosmetic procedure undertaken by people primarily to reduce wrinkles. It is an injection of Botulinum Toxin. It is a toxic substance, and can also cause Botulism – a serious and life-threatening illness in both humans and animals. That in itself is a horrifying enough thought – injecting yourself with a potentially fatal toxic substance, just so you don’t have wrinkles. But combine that above information with what happens BEFORE you even go to get Botox.

The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments has this to say about Botox production :Every year hundreds of thousands of mice die worldwide in archaic tests for botulinum toxin products (commonly known as ‘botox’).

The ECEAE is campaigning to stop these immensely cruel experiments for a product that is often used as just a temporary beauty fix. Each batch of botulinum toxin that hits the high street has been tested on hundreds of mice with the controversial Lethal Dose (LD50) poisoning test.

The test is called the LD50 because the researchers are looking for the dose that will kill 50% of the mice – it causes appalling suffering. The mice are injected into the abdomen with the botox and then observed to see how many die. The mice become increasingly paralysed, eventually gasping for breath and, if left, will suffocate to death. Botulinum toxin is licensed in the EU as a medical treatment, but it is more commonly known for its ‘off-label’ cosmetic use. This means that mice can still be legally used in these tests, even though using animals to test cosmetic products has been banned in the EU since 2004.

The ECEAE believes animal tests for botox products are ethically wrong. The American company Allergan has recently received an EU-wide approval for an alternative test method for their botox products. The test is based on human cells and does not use any animals. This proves that it is possible to test botox without animal cruelty. The other two major companies, Ipsen and Merz-Pharma, are still using the cruel and outdated LD50 test.

There is a statement on Ipsen’s UK website on the subject of LD-50 animal testing. Dated February 2013, it states they are committed to an alternative to animal testing – but there don’t appear to be new statements posted on their website since February.  I couldn’t find a similar statement from Merz-Pharma.

Visit ECEAE | Stop Testing Botox on Animals to send letters to the companies involved.

Some useful links for more information on this subject :





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