Stop showing bullfights during kids tv viewing time

Stop Showing Bullfights on TV During Kids Viewing Time

Stop Showing Bullfights on TV During Kids Viewing Time (Care2 Petition)

Celebrity Pamela Anderson has spoken out on Bull fighting saying “There is nothing remotely entertaining about stabbing bulls to death in bullfighting arenas”. She is also demanding and end to government subsidies of the industry []. Pressure is growing against Bull Fighting, please help the cause and share this petition as widely as possible!

About this Petition

The government of Spain has given its endorsement to the national broadcaster to show Bull Fighting during TV family viewing hours. A group of opposition parties were attempting to ban the practice in order to protect children from scenes of animal cruelty and violence. The move to ban coverage of the fights came after the national broadcaster showed scenes from a Bull Fight in September.

Bull fighting has been banned in many parts of Spain and the practice is losing support nationally. despite this the government still believes it is okay for kids to watch this on TV. The Bulls suffer through immense pain for long periods of time before slowly bleeding out at which time the Bull Fighter strikes a fatal blow. The torture last about 20 minutes before the suffering creature is killed.

you have the power to create change – please sign and share the petition now.


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