Ask Barclays to retain their Somali MSBs accounts service

Full details on here :

Barclays recently announced that they would close their accounts with Somali Money Service Businesses (MSB’s)- some have already been closed and others are facing an uncertain future. Tens of thousands of British Somalis (including Mo Farah, born in the capital Mogadishu) use this service to send money back to their families for basic staples like food – for over 40% of the population, this is the only money they have to live on.

Somalia is one the countries whose peoples have been hit hardest by drought in the world. Some 1.5 million people rely on this service to live. Its an essential lifeline to people who desperately need it. The MSB’s

Mo Farah, Team GB’s two-time gold medal-winning runner at the London 2012 Olympics, not only uses this service to support his own family, but to support many others in desperate need through his charity the Mo Farah Foundation.

Please sign the petition, and forward it to everyone you can, asking them to do the same.




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