Stop Iceland Killing Endangered Whales

Iceland could kill up to 184 endangered fin whales in 2013 — help us stop them. The Hvalur whaling company is Iceland’s biggest whaler. In the past 7 years, Hvalur has killed 280 endangered fin whales! The company’s managing director, Kristjan Loftsson claims that ‘whales are just another fish.’

Loftsson is using oil from dead whales to fuel his hunting ships so that he can kill even more endangered whales. He also sells the whale meat to Japan for pet dogs to eat!

Iceland has a growing whale-watching tourism market. This sustainable industry is many times more profitable than whaling. The Icelandic Tourism Association has already said it doesn’t want whaling to continue.

A new government is now in charge in Iceland and we need to let the President know that the world will not stand by as more endangered whales die.

Sign this petition to Iceland’s President Grimsson, and let him know you want to see whales safe and free, not boiled up for boat fuel or fed to dogs.


One thought on “Stop Iceland Killing Endangered Whales

  1. My sister and I have just returned from a lovely long weekend in Iceland. The only blot of the otherwise beautiful landscape, was the knowledge that the Icelandic Government is still allowing the hunting of whales. Tourism is number three on the list and a majority of folk that visit, wish to see the wildlife and whales are high on that list! To learn that the endangered fin whale is hunted and that whale meat is not eaten by many Icelanders but is in restaurants for the tourists, is dreadful!


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